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Monday, July 21, 2014

Recent Purchases

Ciaté Feathered Manicure kit & Nesti Dante Chic Animalier Soap

I've picked up a few bits and pieces here in Paris including some things I needed for my holiday. I also just got back from a spending a week with my family near London meaning a trip to Boots! 
I fount the Ciaté feathered manicure kit in Sephora for only €6, reduced from €22. This kit includes the first Ciaté polish I have ever tried and I hadn't wanted to splurge on a product I was unsure of. I'm really impressed with the formula and the kit itself is really well thought out. 
The Nesti Dante soap was something I had wanted for ages, but felt ridiculous spending nearly €8 on  it so had resisted. I couldn't find anyone online that would ship it to France or the UK so I finally bought it from Bath Bazaar. The SA informed me their chain has a tiny concession in Harrods so it may be worth looking there if i'm desperate to replace it. It is possibly the best smelling thing I have ever bought and is a huge bar. Its supposed to be orchid and tiare, but is more like Lychee. 

Collection lasting gel colour antique rose

I rarely buy anything from Collection, except for concealer but when I saw that selected items were 2 for £5 I thought it was a cheap way to explore more of the brand. This nail polish is the perfect neutral dusky pink for me and is called Antique Rose. I was really impressed with the brush and with a top coat can last days. I did have to put the bottle in the fridge for a while though because the formula was just too clumpy to apply in the summer heat. 

Collection work the colour lip butter perfect plum

I'm a huge fan of chubby stick-esque lip products and have yet to give any of the Work The Colour Lip Butters a try. The colour, Perfect Plum, really caught my eye. The product is a bit sheer for my liking but is buildable. The staying power isn't great, but at such a low price I didn't have high expectations. 

Muji travel bottles & travel make up bag

I popped into Muji on saturday just to take advantage of the air conditioning and took the opportunity to browse the sale items. I chose this really cute striped travel make up bag as it was only €4 or so and has a pocket suitable for brushes. Whenever I travel I just shove my brushes into a ziploc bag and they deserve better than that! I also picked up a few travel bottles, I find the Muji ones such good quality and I have been meaning to pick up the foam pump bottle for ages. They are not cheap, each totalling over €2 I think, but I hope they will last me a while. 

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