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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Nailmatic: The Nail Polish Vending Machine


I remember reading about the Nailmatic Nail Polish vending machines way before I moved to Paris and immediately added it to my France Bucket List. It took me nearly 6 months to find one and during that time the price had risen from €5 to €6, not a huge hike, but disappointing nevertheless. 

I think the concept is absolutely fantastic and I wish it was possible to buy more beauty goodies from a machine. The one I used was in the BHV le Marais, which is the huge orange-coloured department store at Hotel de Ville. It's only 5 minutes walk from home but i'd never really taken the time to wander around and I had thought that the machine was in a different store, elsewhere in Paris. 


I was a bit overwhelmed by the choices and obviously wanted all of them. Unluckily for me, I only had €10 cash on me so I was restricted to just one purchase. 

The machine itself is very swish and felt a bit more high-tech than the usual kit kit and quavers dispenser. The design of the packaging is very cute, and the bottles are identifiable but not too in-your-face. There were so many different colours to choose from, a veritable rainbow, as well as a base and top coat. I went for a pale, chalky blue called Kiko that I thought would be perfect for Spring/Summer in Paris. 


The formula isn't perfect but after 2 coats, I was good to go. I used the Seche Vite topcoat to add some shine and was very pleased with the results. For the price, I would have expected it to last a little longer and I think the colour was at fault for the lack of immediate opaque-ness. I'm looking forward to trying other shades to see how they measure up.


It would be great if Nailmatic could find its' way to the UK, or at least branch out a bit more and have a vending machine somewhere other than inside a store. For me, the point of a vending machine is that I can buy something at my convenience, usually outside of store opening hours. I'd love to see one in a metro station, or even just outside the store entrance. 

What do you think about Nailmatics?

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