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Friday, August 22, 2014

Shine Me Up! MICRO Nail - Product Launch

"Makers of the award winning MICRO Pedi are now launching a brand new revolutionary nail care product set to take the nation by storm - MICRO Nail"
Being one of the first people to try the new product, one of the first to have the new product and now one of the first to blog about the new product, I can't help but sing its praises!
Launching here in the UK this week, Micro Nail gently and effortlessly buffs and shines nails in mere seconds and leaves them looking naturally shiny and as if you're wearing clear polish. 
As I've got acrylics on at the moment, I persuaded my boyfriend to let me at his finger nails. Now if a boy complains that it looks like he's wearing nail polish.. I think the Electric Nail polisher has done it's job quite well!
On the box, it claims that this finish lasts up to 2 weeks, so let's wait and see! He's just walked up to me and said "it's so annoying, I can't stop touching my nails. They're so soft and smooth!". He's so weird. 
Rotating at up to 1800 times a minute, the buffer has two steps. First, is to buff the nail. This is done using one of the grey rollers. These are called the 'MICRO Smooth' rollers. They buff away any ridges leaving smooth seamless nails, and also claim to reduce staining and improve the appearance of dryness. What more could you want!
The second step, is to shine the nail. This is done using the 'MICRO Shine' roller, which literally, within an instant makes the nail so incredibly shiny, you can almost see your reflection!
Unlike most electronic buffers, this doesn't file away your nail, it simply smooths it. It also is really handy being battery powered, as one I've had before doesn't have enough juice to it unless you plug it in. This one seems to use very little power and still spin super fast.
When I tried the product at the PegasusLIVE beauty showcase, I was really impressed with the results, I'm actually so pleased that someone's finally made a product of this kind that actually works and makes me want to go bare again ( I mean no nail varnish!). My nails are in quite a state at the moment though and I'm waiting for them to grow again until I can face the public with my own nails instead of stick on ones. But the time will come. and at that time, MICRO Nail will be there to Shine Me Up.
Luckily on the day when they were filming, the horrific clips of me weren't used in the final product launch video (THANK GOD!) but here it is. Everyone loved it and loved the results.
To get your hands on your very own MICRO Nail, it's retailed at £39.99 and you can Pre-Order Here and check out the How-To video!
Do you go bare regularly? What do you think of what you've seen of the product so far?
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