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Monday, October 27, 2014


Yep... I'm drooling too. I think my tastebuds remember the thick creamy frosting (sounds a bit wrong) and the moist sponge and flaked chocolate. I want to eat it again :(
Well I wish I ate it in the first place. You see I was a little worse for wear the day of the Tea Party so couldn't stomach much.. but don't you worry my fellow cake lovers.. I took the rest home!! 
Just looking at the cake again made my mouth water... For anyone that's wondering.. It's Chocolate and Guinness cake. It tasted really rich and earthy. Was SO nice!
Back on topic - I was lucky enough to bag a last minute place at the BloggersTeaParty, hosted by the lovely Nadja (from Throw me Something Beautiful) and Olivia (from Beauty from the Fjord) and I apologise girls for not posting this sooner! A big thank you and a congratulations for hosting such a lovely afternoon full of beauty, networking, chatter and most importantly... CAKE. Set in the most ideal location for a tea party.. Just look at the cute tea pot!!
It was so nice to meet such a lovely group of girls and guys in such a nice setting. I got to exchange URLs and Twitter accounts etc. and weirdly already were following a lot of them! Many of the girls brought along their business cards; I always find it interesting how people present themselves on business cards.. It makes Blogging seem so much more formal and adult! So bizarre.
Unfortunately, Kirsty had to work that day, so I jumped on a train on my lonesome, but I think it allowed me to socialise a more and talk to as many people as I could (I was trying to hold down my breakfast most of the time). I got talking to some lovely girls and chatted about our blogging lives, our lives outside of blogging, our favourite products etc. I felt at home, talking about things we're passionate about. I love these blogging events!

As well as the delicious cake, there were other things on offer.. that were Free! We bloggers love goodie bags. I for one love the new brands I get to experience - that's the main reason I subscribe to Birchbox! I will post separately about the goodies, reviewing them individually, as I'm slowly doing with the other two events I attended recently.

Nadja and Olivia had a Twitter Raffle set up for all us bloggers to tweet for a chance to win any of these products (below, left). This included a Jelly Belly vending machine and Jelly Bean bags, a Collier Campbell Tablet case from Quintessential and a selection of skin care products from Seascape.

Also up for grabs were the lovely full to the brim goodie bags put together by the girls. It contained a mixture of product types; from moisturisers to lip glosses and there was even a little cake in there!
But more on that in another post...
The girls were very fortunate to get so many brands involved in sponsoring the event. So much so that the girls were able to provide a mini beauty pick 'n' mix bar where there was Ciaté, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap, Foryou moisturiser, and a cute origami package full of Jäson sachets.  

I went for the Almond Magic Soap - it smells divine! Like marzipan!, the M3 tester of Foryou moisturiser for Oily skin and the pinky-nude Ciaté in Couture as well as a blue origami package.

Inside were a handful of different lotions, creams, body washes, moisturisers, face scrubs etc from Jäson

I cannot wait to try them all and review them!

Once again, a MASSIVE thank you to Olivia and Nadja for hosting and spending ALL their time organising this lovely event, and getting hold of all these products. I really admire them for it, and am going to have to ask for pointers for the Herts Bloggers meet up I'll hopefully be planning shortly!

Have you been to a similar event? Are you from Hertfordshire and want to attend an event like this?

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