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Sunday, November 02, 2014

International #BBloggers Secret Santa

Its almost christmas! Well, its 7 weeks away. But that doesn't mean we can't all get excited and start preparing for some yule tide festivities!
For the last two years, Kirsty and I have taken part in a secret santa with other beauty bloggers and its been great. Likeminded people buying cosmetics, nail varnishes and skin care for another bloggers.
Our post on the past secret santa presents we have received can be found here.
This year, however, we are hosting it! 

This involves organising the schematics of it all, encouraging bloggers to take part, ensuring everyone sends and receives a present and most importantly, keeping up the festive spirit!
This does mean that you gals need to play your part as well. We want this to be the biggest Secret Santa yet, so would like to encourage bloggers from all over to get involved.
****This is International****
If you would like to take part,
please email beautyisperfectionblog@gmail.com with the subject "Secret Santa" with the following information:
1. Your Name
2. Your blog URL
3. Your email address
4. Your home address
5. Your Budget (either £5, £10, £15 or £20) and whether you'd send internationally
(- you will be matched with someone with the same budget so no need to worry about what you spend, you'll get the same worth in return)
6. Any Allergies you have
7. 3 Likes (nail varnish, moisturisers etc)
8. 3 Dislikes
Just remember to follow us on Twitter and Bloglovin etc. for updates on Secret Santa as we'll be posting more information about what to do and who your secret santa is. 

Make sure you use #bbloggerssecretsanta hashtag to talk about it and get your blogging friends involved!

Have you taken part in a secret santa before? Do you want to get involved in this year's?
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