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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Cattier Masks

Cattier Masques Argile

Cattier Masques Argile

I have seen Cattier Masks featured occasionally in French Pharma Hauls after a blogger has been on a trip to Paris and I really don't know where they were buying them! It took me nearly 9 months to track them down, and I found all three that I wanted at different stores in one day! I was expecting them to be a lot more expensive but I think the most I paid was €4 for one, the others were slightly less.
I chose the Argile Verte Menthe, Argile Rose Aloe Vera and the Ready to use Montmorillonite-Illite Green Clay Masks. The minty green mask is ideal for oily skin, the pink is for sensitive skin and I still don't know what to use with the straight clay. I'm going to try and experiment and add something to it, the tube suggests making masks and poultices so there are endless possibilities! 
I have really enjoyed using the mint mask so far and my skin looked very refreshed and not at all dry after use. 
What do you think of Cattier Masks?
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