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Saturday, August 29, 2015

illuMask Anti-Aging Light Therapy Mask

illmask red light anti-aging ageing light therapy mask

Whenever I'm with my mum, people always question whether we're mother and daughter or sisters! Either that's an insult to me that I look older than my years, or a huge compliment to my mother, after all, she is actually double my age! I've always been glad to have a mum so young and youthful looking, so hopefully her genes have been passed down to me and I age just as well. 
Whenever I'm in a drugstore with her, she always goes over to the antigenic products and each and every time, a shop assistant comes over and says the same thing to me.. "start buying and using these while you're young so you can prolong the signs of ageing for as long as possible, like your mother clearly has." I've always been sceptical of this as I've always thought there's not much point using them until I'm actually ageing. (I will keep denying that I'm getting older until I'm 40 at least!!) But since becoming a blogger,  I've started to believe her words and make sure I keep my skin well hydrated and protect it when I need to.
illumask anti-aging light therapy wrinkles mask shay mitchell snapchat light mask
Since seeing Shay Mitchell's (Emily from PLL) snapchat story of her wearing a light therapy mask I really wanted to look into them and find out what they really are and how they work.
shay mitchell anti acne illumask snapchat light mask
Shay Mitchell wearing the Anti-Acne illuMask
illumask anti-ageing light mask light therapy
Me wearing the Anti-Ageing illuMask
So.. light therapy.. it can come in many forms, but it's essentially 'heliotherapy', or 'phototherapy' which consists of exposure to different types of light. This can include daylight, infrared, fluorescent light, lasers etc. There are usually guidelines for the amount of times and length of time the treatment should be used for.
Light therapy is a common treatment for skin, treating problems such as ageing, psoriasis, acne, eczema and jaundice and also seasonal affective disorder (something which everyone probably has a mild form of!)
illuMask Anti-Ageing Light Therapy Mask

The purpose of the Anti-Ageing illuMask is to refine lines, reduce the signs of ageing and rejuvenate the skin, making it more smooth and supple. Red light specifically is proven to reduce inflammation, increase the production of collagen and elastin and stimulate the regeneration of the skin. 

The mask itself resembles something out of Robocop or I Am Robot! There's something very space age about it. With red and infrared lights on the inside which target 'problem' areas, your eyes are still protected from exposure using the built in eye guards. There's no UVlight being emitted from this product, so it's fine if your eyes are exposed.  Adjustable arms mean it fits snugly to your face and is suitable for even laying down and relaxing in. 
Attached to a handheld remote, the mask can only be used 30 times. So that's once a day for a month. The remote is also on a timer, so you're only exposed to the red light and infrared for 15 minutes a day. The product claims that you won't see results immediately and that the full course is needed, however, I've already started seeing an improvement in my skin and I've only used it for a week! Once I've finished this course, I think I'm definitely going to try out the anti-acne version (which emits blue and red light and targets the bacteria that creates acne) which is the mask that Shay Mitchell uses.  
illuMask Anti-Ageing Light Therapy Mask

Actually wearing the mask is quite relaxing, I just had a 15 min snooze whilst I wore it, or I listen to music. There's no way of seeing out of the mask so you're rather limited to what you can do! I would say that's it's only downside. But I guess your eyes are the main area you can see visible signs of ageing on, so you wouldn't want them missed out by putting in a viewing window there!

I'm really hoping for a dramatic improvement once I've reached the 30 days, as already I'm seeing the benefits!

I bought my mask for £30 on eBay and am really glad I did, hopefully this will all pay off when I'm 40 and fabulous and still looking my current age (22).
Have you ever tried masks like this? What other anti-ageing products do you use?
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