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Monday, September 07, 2015

Paris | Musée Rodin | Rodin Museum

Hotel Biron

The Gates of Hell

rodin museum

rodin museum

The Kiss

rodin museum

The Three Shades

My attempts at blogging my adventures in Paris were short-lived and I could't keep on top of work and exploring the beautiful city of light. I've been back in the UK nearly a year now and I miss Paris terribly. I'm planning a series of posts about my favourite places in Paris and making the most of your trip. 
Where The Rodin Museum is stunning, I love sculpture and strolling through the gardens and exploring Hôtel Biron is a lovely way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. The queues aren't too long to get in, it's nowhere near as bad as the Louvre in that respect and you don't feel you have to clamour to the front past 100s of tourists to see Rodin's work. There are so many beautiful art works there and you will need multiple visits to see it all properly but if you are limited for time make sure you see my favourites- The Gates of Hell and The Kiss (but you have to see the famous Thinker too).
Getting There The Rodin Museum is in the 7th Arrondissement, closest Metro stations are Varennes and Invalides but it's much nicer to get there by bike- there are loads of Vélib' stations nearby and you can meander along the left bank towards St. Michel for food and wine when you've finished at the museum without navigating the sweaty metro. There are late night openings too, which are very chilled and there are fewer children running about in the gardens so it's a bit more serene.
 Cost Entrance for the permanent collections at the museum is completely free for European Union citizens under the age of 26 , there are extra exhibitions that have a charge and you'll probably want to take some money for the delicious ice cream sold in the garden and postcards from the gift shop. Non-EU citizens (who aren't studying in Paris [should be free for you in theory!]) or over 26s tickets are about €7. There' more info on the Musée Rodin website. The first Sunday of every month is free entrance for everybody but prepare for crowds because who doesn't like free entry!?
Tip if you plan on visiting in Winter, take a flask of hot chocolate with you if you can and wrap up very warm so you can spend longer outside admiring the sculptures.

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