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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Indeed Laboratories | Retinol Reface

Indeed Laboratories retinol reface anti ageing anti acne wrinkle treatment

I'm on a preventative mission, I have deep lines rapidly developing on my forehead and i'd rather like them to stop. I'm only 24 so I shouldn't have to psychologically prepare myself for grey hairs and wrinkles! I sort of intend on ageing gracefully (if at all possible) but there's no shame in slowing the process a little. Skincare isn't just about skin health for me, although this is a major factor, it's also really important to create the best possible base for my make up. I've had my beady little eye on the indeed lab lines for a while, mostly the hydraluron range but I came to the conclusion that I only wanted it because of the pink in the packaging and what I really needed was a good dose of retinol. Retinol is supposed to be the most effective ingredient for slowing the signs of ageing, and retinol reface is designed to do just that, whilst giving you smooth and hydrated skin.

I like the texture and consistency of the product, its nice and runny without being drippy so it's easy to apply. It sinks in quickly and didn't feel sufficiently rich moisturisation-wise but it certainly did the trick. It feels a little bit sticky and i'm not a huge fan of the smell but in this case, utility outweighs this niggles. I don't love the packaging but its very practical so it can have some points for that.
I tried using it twice a day and found it to be a bit much, plus I'm quite set in my ways with my pre-make up rituals. Using it at night left me with silky soft, taut skin so overall I was very pleased with this retinol skin resurfacer.

 I can be very sloppy with my nighttime skincare routine but it is important to use this regularly for the best results so I've been keeping it on my nightstand to remind me to apply it before bed.  If you want to give it a try, it's available from Boots here for £19.99.

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