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Saturday, September 12, 2015

#BloggersLunch | Pizza Express

Last Saturday we both attended the #BloggersFestival. Having attended these type of events without each other in the past, we know how nerve-racking it can be when you don't know anyone else. We decided to combat this by teaming up with Holly from The Holly Days blog and inviting bloggers to come to lunch at Victoria Street's Pizza Express with us beforehand so that at least they'd know someone before the event. From talking to bloggers on twitter, we found the lunch idea to be quite popular and in the end had about 25 girls all eager to meet up with other bloggers to chat and scoff pizza 2 hours before the festival we were all going to. 
We set up a Twitter DM group too which got the girls chatting before we even met anyone, so we already knew we'd get on with everyone! 
We were so glad so many lovely girls wanted to come for lunch, so we made everyone a pink and gold white chocolate gift (to fit our blog colour scheme obviously!) and made origami boxes to present them in, they were super cute and delicious! 
We had two long tables, each with about 11/12 bloggers seated, this did mean we didn't get to talk to the other tables much, but some people moved around. We continued to chat on the DM whilst we ate and started talking about events we'd been to and what we were expecting from the festival. We were sat talking to Pao Loves Fashion, The Life of Vanisha, Wots Her Name Again and Lynsey Emily. Definitely check out their blogs, they're all lovely ladies. Don't forget to also check out Chocolate and Lipstick, she's a babe! 

Once the drinks were flowing and the pizza arrived everyone went silent as we were all too busy stuffing our faces! 
We managed to get a set menu in place for everyone so 2 courses came to £11.95, pretty good deal really! 
After handing them out as well as white chocolate and glitter dipped strawberries we began to leave Pizza Express and head towards Conrad London where the festival was held not but a 3 minute walk away!

We had so much fun at the lunch and can honestly say we've made some firm friends! We now call our DM group The Sassy Bloggers and continue to chat and share ideas!
Do you want to come to an event like this? We're planning a #BloggersXmas! Let us know if you'd like to come!
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