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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Homemade Body Scrub with All in Packaging*

All in Packaging body scrub homemade containers frosted glass
There's nothing quite like a good body scrub to prolong a summer tan and keep skin from looking dull and grey. I often rustle up one of my own to change things up a bit from the usual Soap&Glory/&OtherStories etc that I use. It's so straightforward, all you need is a nice oil, a scrubber like sugar or salt and a container to keep it in. Scents and extras are optional so this is an ideal solution if you have very sensitive skin or allergies. These are a couple of my go-to recipes:

Fresh and Minty
olive oil
sea salt
granulated sugar
mint essential oil

Nutty and Floral
dried rose petals
rose essence
coarse sea salt
hazelnut oil
Sweet Vanilla Coconut
coconut oil
brown sugar
vanilla bean paste
It's just a matter of mixing the ingredients all together and decanting them into your chosen receptacle- et voilà, scrub!  Equal parts oil to salt/sugar works best for me but it depends on your ideal consistency. These recipes are completely customisable and the beauty of making something yourself at home is that you can pick and choose exactly what you add. 
We use the jars from all in packaging, they are very affordable and there are so many to choose from. 

 If you try these out at home don't forget to tweet us your final product @soeursdeluxe
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