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Monday, December 07, 2015

#BloggersXmas 2015 | The Line Up

After a few months of tiresome organising, emailing, arranging and collation, we can now reveal the final line up for this year's first ever Big Bloggers Christmas Party! 
This post will only be up for 24 hours! and then back up after the event.
So this is what you've all been waiting for.. a sneak peek into the fabulously christmassy bloggers party! Bear with, this is a very long post as the response from brands was overwhelming.
It's been really great working with all these brands to give you the best day possible; offering samples, exclusives, discounts, insights and future collaborations. They have been very generous in offering their time, resources, products and more. 

The Venue

The event will be held in an amazing pub which combines the hipster and business worlds. Recently refurbished, the 300 capacity venue offers some fantastic areas to sit and chill with a drink or two or relax and dine on their incredible gastro menu. Tucked away in Finsbury Square, Finch's Pub offers so much. We're really privileged to have found such a venue.
The Sponsors

Firstly, you will have seen that our sponsors have been very kind as to help promote the event on social media and all have some great things to add to the event. Our sponsors are JournoLink, a PR service that links small businesses to journalists and bloggers, allowing your press releases to be covered by online media without any effort! For bloggers, they offer the opportunity to have access to these press releases as soon as they are available and also allow you to connect with brands so that you can work together on future collaborations. They've proved invaluable since first meeting the brand just under a year ago. All the brands involved are all on the JournoLink website, so make sure you check it out to do a little research before the event.
Onedox is another of our sponsors. A fab service for saving money and watching what you spend. Great for bloggers who need to free up some more moolah for their spending addiction (don't lie, we all do!) Linking up all your existing bills allows you to keep an eye on how much you spend and when bills are due. Super useful.
Our third and final sponsor is Lash Perfect. The gods of the eyelash and brow world! We were really lucky to get this brand involved as we absolutely love the results you can get with their lashes. A beautician friend of ours has trained in applying their lashes and absolutely swears by them. We can't wait for you all to meet them and see what amazing work they do.
The Exhibitors

Of course all three sponsors will have a spot at the event so you can talk to them and find out more about what they can do, but we also have some other exciting brands ready and prepped to meet everyone! There will be a floor plan of each brand's location on the event guide too!
First up is T Plus Drinks. We met them at the Pop up Kitchen not too long ago, and absolutely loved the tastes of their tea. So fruity! We just had to have them at this event.
Katherine Elizabeth Millinery is a new discovery for us. Her stunning collection of hats and fascinators are simply amazing. I will certainly be checking out her bridal collection when it comes round to it!
We're really happy to be able to have Pippa from Silver Ray Healing Therapy perform Reiki sessions on the day. Balancing your emotions, promoting healing in the body and calms the mind. If you're lucky enough to bag an appointment, make sure you let me know how it goes!
Fusion is my favourite word when it comes to food. Certainly no exception comes to cakes! Aroma Cake Boutique uses Star Anise, Saffron, Pistachio, Rose and Cardamom to create the most amazing cupcakes! I can't wait for you to all try them!
We're all going to gain weight over Christmas.. it's inevitable unfortunately! No doubt we'll all be joining gyms or stepping up our workout routines come January. How better to kit yourself out than to get some bits from Bella Kinesis when you treat the gym as a catwalk.  Definitely check out their range!
Got a man in your life? Stuck for ideas of what to buy for them? Or just want something to relax round the house with? Look no further than House of Dreadful. Creatively designed by Sarah Dvojack, their Vintage style boxer shorts are the perfect gift this Christmas. The designs are so cute!
Sweet Cheesus actually converted me from hating cheesecake. The incredible flavours are to die for! Our favourite has to be the Cookies and Cream (Oreo!!) Make sure you swing by this stand for a taste!
Obsessed with nail polish and all things pretty? Combine glitter and stripes this Christmas! Nice Nails Baby do the most amazing Nail Art we've ever seen! Pop by their stand to choose your favourite design!
Chilpa are another new brand to us, but we're so glad we know of them now! If you're ever after a beautiful scarf to keep you warm this winter, Chilpa is the place to go! They've got a stunning variety of colours and designs to choose from!
Makeup London Academy not only offer a pretty cool cosmetics range, but also offer in-depth makeup lessons for great value prices! If you just want to brush up on the latest makeup trends or want to contour like a pro, MLA have everything covered and even present you with a certificate once you've completed it! Sign us up for the next one! They're actually offering the chance to WIN a 3 Hour Makeup Lesson! Pick me!
Ever felt your outfit just needs that little bit extra oomph to really 'make' the outfit? Tired of your standard high street jewellery? Sheena Bulsara has THE most incredible handmade jewellery we've ever seen! Eye catching and stunning, they're certainly attention seekers!
Having attended the Blogosphere Magazine issue 7 launch recently, we cannot give praise enough for the magazine quality and standard of writing that bring blogs back to print! Getting to meet Samantha Marie was certainly the highlight of the night! You'll even be lucky enough to get Issue 3 to take away! Don't forget to check out their offers to buy all 7 issues for just £20!
Miglio Jewellery are our final exhibitors and we can't wait to see their rose gold collection up close again! We absolutely adore their midi ring trio and cannot keep our eyes off some of the bracelets! *adds to Christmas list*. You'll get to browse through their catalogue on the train home so you can drop hints to your friends and family for Christmas!
The Contributors

Sadly, with not enough space at the venue and staff shortages yada yada yada, many brands got in contact to get involved with this event in some way. Honestly, without them, this event would not have happened, so huge HUGE thanks goes to them for all their efforts and generosity!
We've been so privileged with the goody bags for this event! The response from brands has been incredible and we're so happy to be able to share their amazing products with everyone!
Designed2Eat have baked some Chocolate Fudge Brownies which are completely free from Gluten, Dairy, Wheat, Egg, Soy and Corn and only contain naturally occurring sugars, making that one healthy snack for your way home! I may suggest saving it to eat with ice cream when you get home.. perfect accompaniment! 
With the launch of their new flavours, popchips have given you the chance to taste them! Sea Salt and Vinegar or Barbeque... which one will you get? At only half the fat of standard crisp packets, this is a snack you certainly won't regret!
Magnitone are not only offering a #BloggersXmas exclusive discount to step up your skincare game this Christmas, but are also offering the chance to WIN one of their Barefaced skin cleansers on the day! One of you lucky bloggers will be going home with one!
Lotil isn't a brand we'd come across before, but we're so glad we did! Winter is a devil for causing dry skin, but have no worry, as Lotil is specially formulated to treat even the driest of skin! Keep yours nice and moisturised with their amazing dream cream.
We go through about 1 million hair bands every year (made up stat).. from snapping from over stretching to discarding from being too tight on our wrists to just being lost forever. It's a fact. Like bobby pins, hair bands seem to just disappear! How about those kinks they leave in our hair?! Disastrous! Popband have the cutest, most incredible hair bands and are giving them to you! Wear it on your wrist or in your hair, these bands leave you kink-free! Be sure to check out their Christmas range!
We're sure everyone has heard of Gold Collagen? Recently stocking in Boots, this health supplement that you can drink gives you beautiful skin, fights signs of ageing and restores the skin's hydration.. just in one small bottle! Amazing! Drink enough of these and you'll be retaining that youthful glow for many years to come.
We're both hoarders of make up brushes. Next haul is going to have to be Crown Brush! With plenty of brushes and brush sets to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice with their offering of 10% discount!
Coffee addiction staining your teeth? You'll be sorted in no time with BlanX toothpaste. No excuses for morning breath over this Christmas period!
We're so glad we found The Boutique at What Emma Did. The dresses are beautiful and so very affordable with prices from £7 - £25! She's given you a whopping 30% discount on her range - Amazing! We're putting our orders in now.
Take care of your skin this winter with Kiehl's three most popular skin care products. Moisturise, lift and regenerate your skin for the new year new glow!
Adding to the festive theme of this Christmas's Blogger Party, we thought, who better to get involved than the most christmassy brand we could think of - Yankee Candle. They can encapsulate the many scents of Christmas in deliciously smelling candles. Cannot get enough of the Christmas Eve scent!
Bored of tap water? Mix in a bit of homemade, natural cordial for a refreshing drink from Agroposta. Their five flavours; Raspberry, Elderflower, Lemon, Sage Flower and Lavender have made a perfect addition to the goody bags.
We're obsessed with anything miniature. Kiss Cosmetics (now Saturated Colour) have supplied 10 amazing shades of KISSStick minis for you all to try. We love them all and cannot decide which shade is our favourite! From deep purple and reds to colour pop pink and subtle nudes, these are certainly a handbag essential.
Claire from Aloha Lola Cards has been utterly incredible. She did the cutest caricature of us both which now sits proudly on our twitter header! Not only does she create caricatures of you, but also does the most cutest personalised cards and gifts for loved ones! Be sure to check them out! She's even created you each a keyring for you to take away on the day!
Christmas is all about glitter and sparkles. Barry M have certainly got in the festive spirit with their Dazzle Dust and Glitterati ranges, you're all set for Xmas! Which glitter combo will you get?

Lots of competitions are running on the day, and the prizes are incredible! We're so jealous! Many of the exhibiting brands will be holding their own competitions, including Healing sessions from Silver Ray Healing Therapy, Brow and Lash appointments with Lash Perfect, a 3Hr Makeup Lesson with Makeup London Academy and A year's FREE energy with Onedox and many more exciting twitter comps! For your chance to win, go up and see what's involved at the stands themselves! Check the back of the event guide you'll receive on the day for more info on how to enter each of the below.
Sleek Makeup have given us two amazing products for one lucky blogger to win including  a vampish red lipstick in Vixen and the Storm Palette! 
A bottle of SUNKISSED RapidTan in Medium is up for grabs to make sure you keep that golden glow right through to next summer!
Magnitone, as mentioned are giving away one of their incredible BareFaced cleansing brush worth £70. We swear by ours and wouldn't ever miss it out of our daily skincare routine.
Shipped over from the states, Impulse Acne Treatment is a must have to use alongside your cleansing brush and they're also giving a lucky blogger the chance to win a complete Benzoyl free 3-step acne treatment to use each day! It really works!
Danielle from Dot Creates makes some pretty cool stuff! 20 quirky notebooks and prints are up for grabs on Saturday each with one of her slogans on!
Finally, you'll also be in the chance of winning £200 worth of Benefit makeup! Super SUPER jealous about this one! Although we do pretty much have all of their products between us! Can't wait to see who wins this amazing prize!

Final Mentions

Stress Free Print and Total Merchandise have been invaluable to us for this event. Without them, there'd be no merchandise, no bags and no gift guides! What a disaster that would be!
From the many blogger events we have attended of the 4 years we've been at this, we have taken inspiration from our most favourite in the hope that this event is the best yet!
We've also got the pleasure of having Red Letter Days, The Voice of London, Mealz.com, Arbonne and the US' My Valens in attendance! Make sure you go and say hi, they'll be milling around talking to everyone!
Remember this post will only be live for 24 hours! (But will be up again after the event)
We can't wait to meet everyone on Saturday and hope you all have an amazing time! Be sure to tag us @soeursdeluxe on Twitter and Instagram while you're there, and lets get the #BloggersXmas hashtag trending! We can't wait to see everyone's pics!!!
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