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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Interiors | Spring Florals

I'm loving the warmer weather we have been having recently and have really looking to liven up my home. Most of my furniture is minimalist and cold, neutral toned. I love black, white and grey and have pretty much stuck to that theme throughout. I rely on rugs and soft furnishings to brighten things up, and this Evans Lichfield* cushion has done just that. I am cushion obsessed and probably have close to 10 on my bed at any given moment. I am more than a bit partial to pink and this hydrangea cushion pairs well with the deep pink velvet one I picked up at TKMaxx a while back. 

Cushions and the like are perfect for sprucing up your home, as they are easy to switch out with the seasons and as your tastes change. I find it really difficult to commit to colour or patterns (literally all of my clothing is black) so this is ideal. The one upside of having monotone furniture is that pretty much everything goes well. 

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect rug in the TV/sofa section of our open plan living space, but i am tempted to go for something bold that complements my cushions. This Evans Lichfield beaut hasn't lost its' shape after several months of daily squashing and the cover is removable meaning I can wash it when I inevitably spill food on it. If you want to browse their catalogue, you can do so here

What are your top tips for livening up your living space for spring?


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