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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

American Beauty: Sephora Wishlist

Sephora Beauty Wishlist

I'm sure you have heard of Sephora, and probably want to campaign for it to open in the UK (amirite? If you feels strongly enough, email LVMH which is the parent group that owns Sephora). We are stuck unable to access all the goodies that they stock. They have so many products that are impossible/ very difficult/ expensive to get hold of this side of the pond and I know they recently started shipping to the UK but I found all the good stuff was not available for international shipping. Luckily, I'm in France quite a bit so I can get to a Sephora for all the own brand products and my faves like Marc Jacobs are now available here, but the US Sephora is incomparable. 
 My aunt recently relocated to the East coast and I'm very very lucky to be able to use her postal address. Another benefit of placing a US order is that you get to take advantage of all the promo codes, birthday gifts and samples that not applicable for UK orders, plus the tax is lower. 

Whilst I'm talking about tax, it is important to bear in mind that tax is added on to total when you get to the till so the first price you see is not what you end up paying. I'm not totally sure but I think the tax level varies by state. I had quite a bit of difficulty placing an order because Sephora just did not want to take my money and kept rejecting my money when I knew I had enough in the bank (hello student loan). 

I realise I have not numbered the pictures so I'll go row by row. Without further ado, my top picks:

1. The Estée Edit by Estée Pore Vanishing Stick, $28. I had a little chat with the SA at the Estée Lauder concession in Boots yesterday about this new line (getting matched for the double wear foundation) and she said it won't be widely available in the UK for ages and ages but that it is now stocked in Selfridges, although i found no evidence of this online! The packaging is cute and fresh and I think the brand are really cashing in on their new spokesmodel, Kendall Jenner, and aiming for a younger crowd.

2. Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette, $46. This is everywhere on IG and i'm dying to try it. I currently use the ABH cream contour palette and think powder might work a bit better for me.

3. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Berlin and Vampira, $20 each. Again, i've heard such good things and i'm having a bit of a love affair with liquid lipsticks in 2016. 

4. Milk Make Up Lip Marker in Rare Breed, $20. I love the packaging, clearly reminiscent of old school chunky highlighters. I'm not sure how it will work practically when it comes to application but i'm looking forward to giving it a go.

5. Milk Make Up Eye Pigment in Silent Disco, $24. Again, the packaging of this brand is everything and I think the shimmery brown shade will complement every shade I already own. 

6. Milk Make Up Cooling Water, $24. I'm not going to lie, I have no idea what it is but I want it. It kinda looks like a deodorant and is supposed to refresh and invigorate i think.

7. Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette, $45. I know Tarte is available in the UK through QVC but I find it such an annoying website because the things I want are never in stock and I deeply resent paying shipping, especially per item. I have wanted this forever and I can't wait to see if the shades live up to the hype. 

8. Fresh Sugar On the Go Lip Trio, $30. I always see these reviewed and on IG and they are just so pretty I have been dying to get my hands on one. They now have a UK website and a London store but I had a terrible customer service experience over Christmas so i'd rather avoid them here. I ordered a load of gifts, payment was taken etc etc and a few days later (very close to christmas) they emailed to say the items actually were not in stock, soz. They offered to let me place an order over the phone but said i would be ineligible for free shipping- I didn't really fancy giving my card details over the phone so that was the end of that. 

9. Tarte Tarteist Blush Palette, $38. Tarte amazonian clay blushes are supposed to be amazing and until very recently I had never even seen one pop up on the QVC site. I looked into getting this on Amazon but it was easily triple the price and for a product I have never tried and tested I was not going to take that risk, and that would have been so stupid to pay that much. I think $38 is really reasonable for 4 shades too. 

10. The Estée Edit by Estée Mattified Lipstick in On Point, $22. I love love love the ombre packaging and a girl can never have too many matte nude lipsticks. 

11. Fresh Sugar Lychee Perfume Rollerball, $25. I am so envious of girls state side who have access to every perfume in rollerball format because it is so damn convenient and much easier that lugging about a massive glass bottle in my handbag. Buying perfume online makes me nervous and although i read a million reviews before i added it to the cart, perfume is so subjective that I don't know if i will like it. It's relatively cheap though and I have high hopes. 

12. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks in Vamp and American Doll, $20 each. I didn't actually order these ABH beauties from Sephora, I bought them direct from their website here and had zero problems with my card. I have been trying to get these since their release and have been pestering Cult Beauty weekly with emails asking when they will be stocked. Apparently they are just so popular and the UK is at the back of the queue after the US suppliers for orders, I guess we just don't deserve nice things. ABH products have never failed to impress me and I get so frustrated seeing them online and  on IG, rubbing them in my face and having to wait months to then pay an inflated price for the product <stomps feet> Anyway, after all the time i have spent daydreaming about these lipsticks, they better be good. 

If you are interested in treating yourself to a few things from Sephora, there is a flat rate for shipping of £6 for orders over £75. As a rule, products that are available in the UK are not eligible for international shipping, and neither are 'hazardous' products like nail varnish. It will not tell you as you shop that you can't have the item, it will only be flagged up at the checkout stage. For more information about international shipping, see here.

What would you choose to buy?

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