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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Results with Lucy | 6 Week Progress*

Results with Lucy Progress Review MiraFit Measuring Tape Heart Rate Monitor Resistance Band

I'm about half way through my journey in to New Beginnings and I must say, I'm really pleased with the progress I've made. I'm going to admit here and now, and put my hands up and say I haven't followed the programme to the tee. But there have been great results regardless and I can't wait to see what the remaining half of the programme can help me achieve. 

To read my initial post on this, click HERE.

I started off at 12 st 7lbs. Not a happy weight, but a long way off my heaviest weight that I'd reached over Christmas. After developing a dairy intolerance and sticking to a dairy free diet, I shed 6lbs, but soon found my way back to indulging my sweet tooth once I'd fully discovered the Free From ranges in local supermarkets. I've found chocolate bars, cake recipes, brownies, and every other thing that I shouldn't be able to eat, but now I can. My sweet cupboard at home, which I once thought would be baron for many years, this time is full once again with dairy free/vegan sweets, cookies and chocolate. I just can't help myself!

Now with the help of Results with Lucy, I've shed another 7-8lbs (my weight has fluctuated over the last week - birthdays are never healthy) and am now (almost) below 12st. Which is still huge for me, as I was a scrawny child, but once puberty hit, I ranged from an 8 to a 14 and back down again, then slowly crept up over the past 5 years. I realise clothes sizes and weight is just a number, it should be how you feel about yourself looking in the mirror. But with that.. with slimming down and toning up, its nice to know that you've dropped a dress size or you're back to your pre uni weight. 

When I was weight lifting and hitting the gym on a semi-regular basis (my friends would laugh at this) I wasn't losing any weight at all and I got really frustrated and started fixating on the numbers. My then-PT told me to stay away from the scales and start taking measurements as these would be the indicators of my body changing. As I was building muscle, the fat was being replaced pound for pound the more I worked. As muscle has a higher density than fat, I was actually slimming down, but still weighed the same or saw little difference in my weight. This is totally normal. 

After these 6 weeks, I've noticed my legs and tummy toning up, and other areas of my body getting smaller, despite not seeing too much change in my weight. Obviously 8lbs is loads, but in 6 weeks, had I followed the diet plan (and the timetable) correctly, I probably would have lost around 12lbs. I gave in to my sweet tooth, and missed almost a whole week of exercise. Luckily they give you 2 weeks extra to catch up! 

My clothes are fitting better, my sports bra even sits better and isn't as tight and I'm feeling a lot more confident. I really want to be able to shed another 7lbs at the very least over the next 8 weeks in time for my holiday to Portugal, where I hope I'll be able to exercise a couple times too, so I don't lapse!

I'm quite proud of my before and after photo as it really shows my progress. I just cant wait until I have the 13 week photo and see the difference (praying that there is some). You can see my ribs coming through at the sides, my stomach has reduced in size (to be fair, I was really bloated in the first one, as a reaction to dairy), my bum has shrunk, legs toned, chest has shrunk too and arms are toning up.

Here's my new measurements compared to my starting:
Chest - 92cm (8cm loss)
Waist - 71cm (9cm loss)
Stomach - 83cm (8cm loss)
Hips - 86cm (5.5cm loss)
Bum - 105cm (9cm loss)
Thigh - 66cm (4cm loss)
Arm - 30.5 (2.5cm loss)

Fitness Test 2:
Press Ups - 24 (knees) (3 more)
Squats - 37 (full) ( 4 more)
Plank - 1 minute (full) (30seconds and on knees previously)
Jacks - 61 (full) (5 more)

So I've lost a huge 9cm of my bum and waist and 8cm off my chest and stomach. These types of numbers, I like! I've also made an improvement on my fitness too which I've also noticed on my journey to work. I no longer am dying when I have to run up the escalator to catch my train!

Check back in 8 weeks to see the final results!!

If you want to sign up to a New Beginnings plan or a similar Virtual Personal Training plan (they're so cheap!) Click HERE

Have you tried RWL? Which plan have you used?


  1. Wow that sounds brilliant, really great to see a post reviewing this as I had been looking into it and hadn't really come across many bloggers doing it!
    Zoe xx

    1. Yeah it's great! It's so easy to do and there are some really good exercises on there! xx


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