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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

13lbs in 13 Weeks | Results With Lucy Review | AFTER

For the past 13 weeks, I've been eating healthy and exercising 4 times a week. In this time, I've lost a total of 13lbs (5.8kg).. that's almost a stone!

The final few weeks were a lot more demanding and really made me feel like I was completing a hardcore workout at the gym. I still wasn't too keen on the dancy videos, as I realised I have 0 co-ordination and just could not follow the steps! Although, I spent a long time frantically trying to catch up with them, so it was good cardio at least!

As mentioned in my 6 week progress post, I was really bad and didn't follow the plan all the way through to the letter, as I missed a couple days then had to catch up and even took the plan on holiday! As all the videos and food suggestions are online, you can pretty much access them everywhere and anywhere, including in Algarve, where I was for 2 weeks recently. Yoga on the beach and Pilates by the poolside, you have access to your online personal trainer wherever you are, meaning there is no excuse to be lazy!

That's the thing I like most about Results with Lucy, is that you can do it whenever you want, which usually for me, is at 10pm in the evening. As I get home quite late from work, by the time I've sorted things out, eaten and let my food go down, it's quite late, so going to the gym is restricted to weekends or days off. 10pm is my only free hour before bed, and before you ask, I'm usually knackered by the end of it and sleep like a baby whilst burning off the calories in my sleep. 

Talking about my weight has always been so weird for me, I've never really felt comfortable revealing my weight, but as I've worked damn hard at this, I have no shame in admitting it now.. so long as the numbers are going down and not up! I started at 12st 7lbs, and am now at 11st 8lbs and falling! I'm much more confident than I was and fit into more of my 'thin clothes' that were stashed in a suitcase in the cupboard. But most importantly, I had a lot better time on holiday in bikinis and not feel overly self conscious. I'm a lot closer to my pre-relationship, pre-university weight than I was before and progress really is the best motivator. 

Ideally, I would like to lose another stone, and then see where I am with my body shape and clothes size, and see if I feel more comfortable in my self. Initially I wanted to get down to 9st 7lbs, but I don't know if that will feel like me.. if that make sense. I just want to look and feel amazing for my wedding next June.

L-R: Week 1, Week 6, Week 13.

Here's my final measurements:
Chest - 91cm (9cm loss)
Waist - 69cm (11cm loss)
Stomach - 79cm (11cm loss)
Hips - 85cm (8cm loss)
Bum - 100cm (15cm loss)
Thigh - 63cm (7cm loss)
Arm - 29 (4cm loss)

Fitness Test 2:
Press Ups - 22 (knees) (1 more)
Squats - 38 (full) ( 5 more)
Plank - 1 minute (full) 
Jacks - 62 (full) (6 more)

I can't wait to try the next stage; Wobble to Model, which is an Intermediate level 6 week programme to tighten, tone and define. With my holiday out the way, and summer weather on the horizon, I can't wait to get some more wear out of my summer clothes! Check back for my continuing progress! 

Have you tried Results with Lucy? What're your weight loss goals?


  1. Thanks for posting this, lovely! I know how uncomfortable it is to sure your starting weight and progress (in a way) but the great thing is the weight doesn't define who we are! Especially, not our "starting weight", no matter what it is. I am not the happiest with my current weight. I was so fit for my wedding 1.5yrs ago and then because of lots of things were happening (honestly, last year was a roller coaster of stress & change) I started comforting myself more with cookies & chocolate. So bad, I know. I am starting to eat cleaner though & re-started the gym (able to go after 8:30/9ish). But I'm super excited for you and the results you got with this program. I will check out Lucy's workouts & give them a go! Really enjoyed the post & thanks so much again for sharing! Super excited for you & your progress! You look great! 😘
    xox Nadia

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Nadia! I literally turn to food with any and every emotion. Having been ill recently, I just can't wait to get back on it and start the next step of the RwL plans! There's so much variety with this and also some structure, which for me was the best thing! xx


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