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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nail Art Week | Elegant Touch Stylist Range

Elegant Touch Stylist Nail Art

I've always been obsessed with painting my nails, right from a young age. I think it stems from when I was around 10, and my dad wouldn't let me wear makeup, so nail polish was really the only thing I could play around with. Of course, back then I had cheapo stuff from claire's accessories and got it absolutely everywhere, but hey, we've got to learn somehow!

Since then, my ability to stay within the lines has improved and my collection has somewhat grown...

Since a massive craze a couple years ago started which saw every girl from ages 12 to 25 decorating their nails with all sorts of funky patterns, hand drawn images, gems, foils, designs etc. You name it, I had it all. I loved coming up with new ideas every day and never wore the same colour more than 2 days running. This is where I got a little obsessive. I would youtube how to do all these different marbled effects and gradients and it always kept me occupied.

Elegant Touch Stylist Nail Art

Elegant Touch have fairly recently released this super exciting range of nail art bits 'n' bobs and I couldn't wait to have a play!  Their Stylist range* is packed full of fun stencils, stickers, gems and tape to get your nails festival ready. They also have some pretty nifty tools so you've got everything you need to decorate your nails and rock a creative nail art design of your own making!
There's heaps of different types of nail art accessories to choose from, and from as little as £2.95 and sold exclusively at Superdrug, I just had to have them all.

If you think your nails are too short, not to worry, they also have two great sets of barely there and clear false nails to make sure your nails look amazing.

To celebrate Nail Art Week, Elegant Touch is even giving you 25% off any nail art accessories/tools and Totally Bare and Totally Clear false nail sets. Use code NAILART to get yours before July 1st!

Do you like Nail Art? What's your favourite nail accessory?

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