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Friday, July 01, 2016

15 Handbag Essentials | Travel

When you're on holiday or off travelling the world, there's a certain number of things that you just HAVE to have on you at all times.. like in England, if you don't carry an umbrella with you at all times.. you're just not prepared! Come rain or shine, my bag is always packed full of 'just in case' items.

But when you're on holiday, especially in a hot country with a coastline, there's 15 things I always have with me..

Number One
Every girl needs a big bag to store all her bits and bobs for the day ahead. It needs to be big enough for a towel, but small enough not to be too much effort to carry around. I got this nude beauty from Zara for just £20. It comes complete with a zippable bag insert to safely store your purse and valuable belongings from pick pockets - especially handy on public transport.

Number Two

My iPad is never too far away from me on holiday. With anxiety over my phone battery dying, I always try and use my iPad with me when I'm out and about for Twitter, web searches and of course, all things blog related! With 32GB storage, there's plenty of room for all sorts of apps and heaps of photos.

Number Three
Comfortable Flip flops are a must have when out and about, even if I'm wearing hard-sole sandals. If I'm going to visit the beach, theres nothing worse than slipping all over the place or getting sand everywhere. I prefer to take my sandals off when walking on sand and wash them off when leaving. Instead of putting my leather sandals back on again, I put on these flip flops until my feet are completely dry. I'm definitely a Havaianas girl.

Number Four
Whenever I go travelling, my favourite thing to do is go on road trips, go exploring and discover new places. The best and easiest way to do this is with a hire car. We've never been away with out one (except in Morocco.. the roads are crazy!). You can get super cheap deals these days, but make sure you keep an eye on the small print regarding extra fees and their petrol policy.  

Number Five
 Loyalty cards, if you're into shopping can be useful for discounts, collecting points and keeping a record of your purchased products - depending on which store you're signed up with. I carry my Kurt Geiger card holder everywhere, just in case there's a shop abroad that I visit here in the UK.

Number Six
 Having hair thats almost a metre long proves a nightmare at times, especially when theres wind! Having a hairbrush handy is great for those windy days at the coast to tame the mane! Tangle teasers like this one from Birchbox is small and very handy you can just pop it in your bag.

Number Seven
 Handbags aren't complete without some sort of cleaning product; whether it be wet wipes or hand gel. I love this hand sanitiser called Hand Maid from Soap and Glory. For just £2.50, it's got that almond-y smell that all their products have, as well as some zings of grapefruit. A little goes a long way with this miniature sized bottle.

Number Eight
 The sun can be very harsh on my lips, so an SPF laced lip balm is a must-have at all times. This Spanish brand's SOS balm has an amazing texture and really pumps moisture into my lips. 

Number Nine
 What's a holiday without spending lotsa money? I always take some extra cash with me on holiday just in case I have one of those crazy shopping moods, and of course you need something to put money in! I love my Kurt Geiger purse as it has just enough card pockets for all my bank cards and most used loyalty cards. Even though you probably shouldn't, I always have everything in my purse and carry it round everywhere.

Number Ten
Travelling can be very tasking in the heat and if there's a good way to keep cool, its facial spray. I have a whole collection of these sprays that I have, to carry round when travelling. Even on the tube, these compressed cans of water are life savers to help you cool them down. My favourite of these is the Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray for just £2.99. This also helps you to keep hydrated.

Number Eleven
 Aviators have always been my favourite style of sunglasses. I literally have loads of pairs and always carry at least two pairs with me; one to be worn and one as a spare. I bought these from a market for just 5 Euros, but I've had my eyes on numerous Ray Ban sunglasses for ages, but always spend my money before I remember to buy some!

Number Twelve
  The most important thing to do when in hot temperatures is to keep hydrated. If you don't you run the risk of becoming sick or suffering from heat stroke. Carrying a bottle of water with you is super important and be sure to always buy a fresh bottle rather than filling up from a tap, just in case you aren't used to their water and get sick. 

Number Thirteen
Suncream is also really important to prevent sun stroke, and most importantly, sun burn. There's nothing worse than returning from holiday as red as a lobster. I'm lucky enough to have skin that tans easily and if I do burn, it quickly turns to tan. The annoying thing about this, is that I always come home with the randomest tan lines all over me. This most recent trip to Portugal, I tried desperately during the last few days to tan over any lines I'd gotten throughout my time there. I found this sun cream whilst there, and typically I would only go for a 10SPF, but I went for this 30SPF Nivea  Protect and Bronze Sun Spray to make sure I came home with a killer tan and no burn and for just £6.99.

Number Fourteen
The all-important bikini. As a 'just-in-case' for a beach trip or impromptu dip in the pool, it's always good to have a swimsuit handy (and also some underwear for afterwards!) This one is from Sainsbury's and was just £13 for the top and briefs. I love how tanned this coral colour made me look!

Number Fifteen
What's better than a nice sunbathing session on the beach. I love zoning out whilst listening to music. Nothing gets me in the summer mood better than some good summery tunes. I never go anywhere without my iPhone headphones. Whether its iMusic or Netflix, I'm always listening to or watching something, so on the beach is definite. 

What do you always have with you whilst on holiday?

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