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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chiqui Time | Celebrating Hemel Chiquito's 500th day

Back in May, Kirsty and I were invited along to the 500th birthday of Hemel Hempstead's Chiquito's. That's 500 days since it first opened in Jarman's Fields Leisure Complex on Jarman Way. Exciting stuff!

Admittedly, I've never actually eaten at Chiquito's before, despite me wanting to go every time I pass one. I mean, Mexican food is my favourite! I'm so gutted it's taken until now to give it a try!

Inside, we were greeted by the lovely members of staff who guided us to our seat where sombreros awaited us. Photos just had to be taken!

We wanted to give everything a try, but obviously, our stomachs are only so big... We went straight for a main each and plenty of things on the side. Due to my dairy intolerance, there's not a lot on the menu that I can have, as most things either have sour cream or cheese in! Sucks to be me, I know. 

It wasn't a problem though as I went for the Grilled Chicken and Chorizo salad which was so much bigger than I anticipated! Sides included sweet potato fries, broccoli and coleslaw.  We were absolutely stuffed by the end and had to waddle back to the car! The food came really quickly and were checked on by loads of friendly staff seeing if we needed more drinks.

For pudding, I opted for lemon sorbet to cleanse my palette, and it was the only nice thing on the menu that doesn't have dairy in! Kirsty went for the chocolate orange cake which looked and smelled a-mazing!

Their drinks promotion at the time was amazing, any frozen cocktail for just £5.95 and if you followed them on snapchat, you can screenshot your favourite cocktail, show the waiter and they'll bring it to you free of charge! (as long as you bought a main)

The Violet Cup and Texan twister were absolutely amazing! So fruity and frozen.

We had such a good time at Chiquitos and can't wait to go back for a cocktail or two (or ten..) and some delicious burritos!

What's your favourite cocktail?


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