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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Planning an Engagement Party | The Do's and Don't's

So planning a wedding is known to be stressful, but people often forget about the events that run up to the wedding. Now, I don't think I'll be having a bridal shower or a dinner rehearsal, those things just seem a bit excessive and well.. are more of an American tradition than an English one. I did however hold an engagement party. Mainly as an excuse to throw a party, but more for my family to meet his and see how my friends would get on with our families too as a sort of test run for our wedding reception. It's completely up to you whether you hold any of these events
I got engaged last September, exciting I know; it still is so weird that this time next year I'll be a married woman.. so I was quite quick to start arranging a party to celebrate to be held a few months later in November. 
Here's a list of Do's and Don'ts to give you an idea of where to start when organising your own Engagement party!
DO get an idea of who you'd like to invite as soon as possible (tradition goes, that anyone attending this will expect an invite to your ceremony).
DON'T forget anyone! If you invite your friends, and you're part of a group; invite them all! If you're inviting close family; invite them all! If you're looking to keep things small, you can keep this as a family only event.
DO think about food and drink supplies pretty early on. We went for M&S party food; it's quite reasonably priced and so so delicious.
DON'T forget about allergies! Make sure you cater for everyone's intolerances, allergies and dietary requirements, and make sure things are labelled if the food isn't attended!
DO have a budget in mind for food and drink and factor this into your overall wedding budget if you're including it and work out who is paying for it! Typically, the bride's parents are supposed to host the event, but my fiancé's parents kindly offered :)
DON'T under-buy. There's nothing worse than a party that runs out of food or booze!
DO get invites out pretty quickly to make sure everyone is available.
DON'T forget to add a number or email to RSVP for your guests to respond to.
DO match your wedding theme if you already know what it's going to be! Mine was silver and white!

DON'T forget about decorations! We went for fairy lights, balloons, table confetti and banners!
DO allow yourself plenty of time to decorate and get ready. I had a mad panic after I got myself ready and left myself no time to decorate!
DON'T leave food to the last minute. Plan ahead and work out what time is best for food to start coming out.
DO expect your guests to be fashionably late, you would be too if it were the other way around!
DON'T expect your guests to buy you a gift, if they want to, they will, but it's not compulsory.
DO send thank you cards if they do give you a gift and make sure you send them promptly!
DON'T forget to take lots of pictures for your wedding album! I completely forgot and this is literally the only photo I have from the night!
Me and my fiancé (R) with my best friend and her boyfriend (L)
I hope this has been somewhat helpful, I know I certainly could have done with knowing a lot of these things before I started organising, so best of luck!
For help on choosing your engagement ring and to find out what the 4 Cs are referring to; click here!
Are you recently engaged? What tip did you find most useful?

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