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Thursday, July 07, 2016

DAY TRIP | Mersea Island

I cannot remember the last time I went to the seaside in Britain, it has literally been years. I grew up going to Brighton fairly regularly and the muddy beaches of Weston-Super-Mare whilst visiting my late great-grandmother. I love the smell of sea weed and the swirling murky water, taking strolls along the beach picking up sea shells as I go. 

For my friend's 25th birthday recently we took a trip to Mersea Island in Essex, separated from the mainland during high tide, this town has a village feel and has plenty to see and do whether you have kids or are just a big kid like me! We spent a few hours crabbing, which I was completely surprised by how much I enjoyed. I'm really, really squeamish and I refused to touch any of them but had so much catching with a bit of bacon on the end of a line. 

I thought I had caught the mother of all crabs but was completely freaked out when I saw two big eyes coming out of the water attached to my line - The famous Mersea Island seal paid us a visit and the cheeky creature actually ate all of the bacon and destroyed the bag at the end of my crabbing line!

Mersea Island

Mersey Island Crabbing

Mersey Island West Mersea Oyster Bar

Mersea Island

Mersea Island

We went to the West Mersea Oyster Bar for lunch and I ordered the lobster. The chips were glorious but I think next time i'd go for some battered cod. The restaurant was rather wasted on me because i'm not a huge seafood fan apart from prawns and crayfish. Oysters and mussels just freak me out a bit too much. The food is reasonably priced considering the sea front location but booking really is a must. 

Boat rides are available at the end of the pontoon for only £3 for a 20 minute journey around the marina. It is a lovely way to pass a bit of time when the weather is good. Theres plenty of parking around the island and the restaurant is only a short walk from the pontoon. If you plan on visiting the (pebble & sandy) beach it is a little too far to walk but if you fancy a swim and an ice cream with the picturesque beach huts in the background it is definitely worth doing. 

Where is your favourite British seaside?


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