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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BloggersXmas 2016 | More Info & Venue Change

Sooo.. after a long drawn out email exchange with our previously advertised venue, being messed around and misguided about their facilities (I won't get into it too much).. we have decided to change the venue of Bloggers Xmas this year to the same venue as last year!

Finch's pub were very good to us, provided amazing food and drink and gave a very warm, festive atmosphere. To replicate that and ensure you guys have the best day possible, we went back to our preferred venue! To see pics of last year, click here!

Just a 5 minute walk (probably not even that) from Liverpool Street, Old Street and Moorgate stations, it's super easy to get to and has good parking too! If you'd already planned your route, this venue is just 1 stop away on the circle/hammersmith & city/ district line!

On arrival, you have the choice of either hot Rum Punch or sweet, refreshing Lemonade. Walking amongst the brand stalls is your opportunity to swap business cards, meet and greet some great potential content partners, try out some of the products and even get to keep a few! 

We've got a wide range of businesses exhibiting from food to fashion, there's a stall to suit everyone's blogging niche. There'll also be a pick 'n' mix stand and lots of opportunities for s'elf'ies!

If you haven't managed to get your hands on a ticket yet, get it here! Alternatively, we will be holding 2 competitions in the run up, so keep your eyes out on Twitter and Instagram!

There's also lots of opportunities to win at the event with loads of twitter giveaways!

Any questions, let me know in the comments below or email us at events@soeursdeluxe.com


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  1. oh I cant wait! one week to go :) thanks to have organise this I am sure it's going to be great .



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