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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

How to Get More Sleep | Tisserand Pillow Spray

tisserand pillow spray lavender jasmine sandalwood sweet dreams get more sleep

I've always struggled with keeping to a regular sleep pattern and after a bad bout of insomnia throughout university, I thought I'd never be able to get a good night sleep. I've tried hot baths, showers, going to be earlier, cutting out brain stimulants and all sorts of herbal and medicinal sleep aids. Nothing's really worked. Since going to the Hitchin Lavender Farm and bringing back loads of Lavender to try and bag, a small amount of lavender has been by my bed side giving off it's herbal aroma.

I noticed that since being able to smell the lavender before bed, I've slept just that bit longer and been a deeper, less interrupted sleep. I've then since been looking at other things that can help relax me and my senses before bed, which is where Tisserand* comes in.

I can't remember which event I got this at, could be the Beauty Bloggers Awards, could be Bloggers Festival, who knows. Everything goes in one big box and combed through eventually (I'm such a bad blogger :( ). I'm so glad I managed to dig this out though as it has helped me sleep!

tisserand pillow spray lavender jasmine sandalwood sweet dreams get more sleep

The Sandalwood, Lavender and Jasmine infuse my pillow and bedsheets with deep scents that you can breathe in to your core. Relaxing, earthy scents that make you think of winter and hot chocolate and the outdoors. With the added hints of Cedar Wood, Cypress Leaf Oil, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Copaiba Balsam, the intense blend feels like falling into a hot bath where all your muscles just melt and become weightless. Even thinking about it is making me tired!

Creating a real sense of serenity and calm, the Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist can be sprayed either on the bed linen or around the room and allowed to settle before climbing in for your evening slumber.

Tisserand have been making aromatherapy blends since 1974 and I'd say they're pretty good at it as they have a wide range of products available and well, I'm just so impressed with how well this has worked for me!


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