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Thursday, May 04, 2017

How To | Plan The Perfect Trip With Your Siblings

Who knows you better than the people you grew up with? Travelling with siblings should be on everybody’s bucket list – not only can you truly express yourself when you are with them, but you can also tighten bonds that often fade in adulthood. As sisters, writing a blog together has been great to keep us connected, but one thing we are yet to do, is go on holiday together!

We're keen to check this off our list by organising a short city break (and if this goes well, a longer holiday somewhere further away might be next on your agenda, and I’ve already got my beady eye on the Mongol Rally route!) We’ve put together a handy guide to help make planning as easy as possible and to ensure you make the most of your time with your siblings.

Agree On A Budget

Once you’ve decided which city you’re going to, it’s time to agree on a few more really important things. Start by setting a budget – remember that siblings at different points in their lives might have vast differences in the budget they are ready to commit to a short getaway. Our little brother is only just finishing school and has his first ever job, as graduates we are in totally different financial positions and accustomed to a certain level of luxury ;)

Get the large expenses out of the way as early on as possible: by booking your flight tickets and accommodation in advance you’re usually able to get some of the lowest prices in the market. I often book cheap flights on a whim and then worry about the accommodation and spending money later. Another, often-overlooked, way to save is to book your airport parking in advance, too. Comparison services like Looking4Parking are there to help you find the best deal on airport parking. (The savings you make could pay for another round of drinks on a night out during your trip!)

Set Expectations Before You Set Off

You might think you know everything about your siblings, but this should not stop you from having an honest conversation about everyone’s expectations from this holiday. Some of the things you should discuss include the levels of physical activity that your holiday will involve, different preferences when it comes to trying local cuisine or going out at night, as well as everyone’s morning routine. I really like to spend a lot of time planning and creating the perfect itinerary. That’s not to say that I will not deviate from that but as the oldest sibling I’m extremely bossy. In theory it would be nice of me to take my sibling’s opinions into account!

Being on the same page from the start will let you form realistic expectations and ensure no one gets disappointed while you’re away. After all, this holiday is about spending quality time with your sibling(s), not fighting like you did when you were little (and still occasionally do now).

Plan Your Break Together

When you are ready to plan the details of your city break, make sure everyone’s involved. One amongst you is probably the unofficial “leader” (i.e. Me) in the sibling-hood.
Getting everyone involved early on will help them become invested in this holiday from the initial stages and will ultimately get everyone really excited about what’s coming. If one person ends up doing all the work, chances are, they'll get frustrated before even going away!

Pack Wisely

If you are travelling with your sister and you can share outfits, or more importantly make up, pack your luggage at the same time. There’s no point in carrying three highlighter palettes or 768 eye shadows, although to be fair we probably still would. By bringing different cosmetics you’ll double your options without paying for double the luggage allowance!

Don’t forget to pack things beyond clothing and shoes – like a selfie-stick or instax camera. Your siblings have seen your face since you were kids, so they know all your best angles and could prove to be your best photographers.

Even though you are going away for a few days, you might find yourself craving some alone time. Short getaways are designed to help people spend quality time together, but allowing a bit of time for yourself is still important. Don’t forget to bring your headphones or your book – this way you’ll be able to shut the world around you for a little while when you need it.

Growing up together and sharing all these childhood memories makes siblings the best travelling companions. When travelling with your sister or brother, it’s the perfect time to let your hair down, be yourself without the pressure of trying to impress people you don’t know well and create some new memories for the years to come. But, more importantly, make the most of this time with your siblings while you have them all to yourself.

Have you been away with a sibling? What are your top tips?

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