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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Something New | What I'm Wearing For Bridal Jewellery

I've been meaning to add to my wedding series for a while now, but everything's just been so manic! With the wedding just 8 weeks away :O :O it's time I gave you all an update.
Everything has been bought and paid for, decorations have been ordered and deposits have been paid, with just a few little bits to go, such as the things I wanted to do myself - painting mostly - and paying off the various few suppliers and meeting to make final arrangements. Oh, and I need to sort out my playlists - that's a task and a half in itself! 

I can't wait to show you all my dress, but of course, that's all under wraps as my other half likes to read the blog, so you'll have to wait until July to see everything. 

When searching for my accessories, I knew I wanted to wear something quite delicate as not to draw too much attention away from my amazing dress. I have opted for some dainty ear cuffs/climbers which I will show you once they arrive, and have chosen to go necklace free as the top half of my dress is already so detailed. 

I have had some hair accessories hand made to fit in with my theme, so just had to decide what I wanted for hand accessories. It's not very traditional to wear any rings on your wedding day except perhaps the engagement ring, unless you want that placed on your finger at the same time as the wedding band, otherwise I think I will keep my hands bare. I will however, be wearing a bracelet or two on the day, I can just never have bare wrists!

My husband-to-be bought me a lovely infinity Thomas Sabo bracelet for an anniversary present a few years ago which has not left my wrist since. The other bracelet on my wrist at the moment is a Symbol Jewellery piece we were given after they so generously featured within our BloggersXmas goody bags last year. Both are firm wrist residents, but I feel like two bracelets may be a little too much for a wedding so I turned my search back to Symbol for my  'something new' I can wear on my big day.

After looking at a couple of bracelets, I found it really difficult to decide what would make the perfect addition to my perfect day. I looked at the Jasmine bracelet, naturally, as they share my name, and even the Wave and Curve bangles, which were Kirsty's preference, but I really needed something a bit more subtle and dainty. I found this beautifully delicate Lucky Horseshoe Bracelet , which is just perfect and I can even wear it as my good luck charm, incase I trip down the aisle! The motif is a modern take on a classic horseshoe shape, combining elegance with a feminine, modern twist. It's just perfect in every way! The chain is thin and delicate and doesn't stand out, making it perfect to sit on my wrist throughout the day and forever after being a constant reminder of my big day.

The Infinity bracelet I already own has been on my wrist for over 5 months and despite catching it on almost everything, it hasn't broken or faulted in any way, nor has it made my wrist green. Made from rhodium plated silver, it doesn't affect me in any way, shape or form, which is great as I'm actually allergic to non-pure metals (basically anything but silver and gold!), so you can be safe in the knowledge that you're wearing high-quality jewellery - exactly what you need for your wedding day!

I don't want to jinx things by putting the bracelet on, so I am saving it for a very special occasion; my wedding, where it will be my 'something new' :) At very reasonable prices starting from just £40, Symbol have a lasting memory, gift or keepsake for everyone's budget, that you can wear on your special day too.

Shop the range at SymbolJewellery.com

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