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Sunday, December 17, 2017

How to Make Your Foundation Flawless with blendSMART2 | Slapp Shop

Think your foundation's flawless? Think again.

Finally, the tool to end all your beauty woes has arrived! This mechanical miracle will not only help you apply foundation, giving you incredible coverage, but will also give you flawless looking skin to even rival Kylie Jenner’s and give you more time to spend perfecting your wings.

I'm always rushing in the morning and struggle to perfect my foundation, noticing patchy bits later in the day. I usually use a buffing brush, stippling brush or beauty blender and with the shitty lighting I have in my flat and no natural light whatsoever, my makeup ends up less than flawless.

I'd seen these spinning makeup brushes before but never realised how they worked until I came across the blendSMART2 brush on Slapp Shop.com*. Slapp is a foundation matching app and online makeup shop with a great online market place to find you the perfect products for your skin tone. The Slapp App allows you to take a photo of yourself and the colour matcher will recommend you the perfect shade from hundreds of brands including Fenty Beauty, Nip + Fab, Benefit Cosmetics, Milani, Charlotte Tilbury etc. You can then buy those products through their marketplace as each product page directs you straight to the supplier - think of it as your very own personal shopper for cosmetics!

Slapp App

Included within their recommendations, was this brush, which claims to be the easiest way to get flawless foundation! Taking a small battery, a small magnetic brush head attaches and with one press of the button, this rotating makeup brush has made applying makeup so much easier and even gives a full coverage, flawless finish.

The blendSMART 2 comes with the Universal Foundation brush head which is also incredibly easy to clean - takes all of 2 seconds! With 6 interchangeable brush heads, there's one for blush, highlighter, powder and a choice of foundation brushes.

The brush rotates at 190RPM buffing your makeup to perfection, evenly covering every inch of your face with less product - no more wasted foundation! After 2 weeks of usage, I've concluded that you need a very light touch for this brush to work properly. With more pressure, the brush slows and can leave streaks in your foundation. Think of it like an electric toothbrush, but fluffy and for the face!

The dual fibre stippling foundation brush is super soft, fluffy and hasn't had any fallout despite two thorough washes and lots of soap. It doesn't irritate my skin like many brushes do and is the perfect brush for applying liquid foundation like my much loved Fenty.

You literally need to makeup skills to use this brush either which is great for beginners, the brush is cruelty-free too with antimicrobial bristles, an ergonomic handle that stands up on its own, keeping dust and germs from tables off the brush head and a super quiet motor - so no awkward explaining to your family/neighbours.

Combined with some good concealer and a setting spray, your makeup can look creaseless, flawless and line-less - no patchy bits! Don't forget to pick your starter set up for £65 from SlappShop.com.


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