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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Celebrating 6 Years of Sœurs de Luxe | Bill's, St. Albans

Having hit our 6 year bloggiversary this year, we never got round to actually celebrating it. Following Bill's Restaurant, St. Albans's recent relaunch party we attended a few weeks ago and sampling some of their starters, we really wanted to give the rest of their food a try. The meatballs were exquisite and the halloumi fries were divine, we just had to taste more. It's safe to say the diet's went out the window when we visited as we gorged on a three-course feast.

The place looked amazing after their revamp, with beautifully upholstered teal bar stools and quirky wall hangings, a trendy new bar and stunning marble tables. The facade even looks amazing with flowers, peacocks and bird cages bringing colour and vibrancy to the streets of St. Albans. There's a real mix of luxury boutique mixed with a rustic industrial influence.

Everywhere I go nowadays sees chesterfield sofas with hues of blues, teals and pastels in their upholstery and I just love it.  Matching that with metals and white marble and you've got yourself an instantly stylist interior, fit for Instagram!

The food... well, that's why we're all here isn't it. Bill's in St. Albans certainly put on an amazing spread for us, with an array of sauces, sides and a team of lovely waiting staff who were eager to tend to our every need. As we were both on a low carb diet we tried to keep our carb intake to a minimum... and failed. There was far too many delicious dishes on their menu to resist.. don't judge!

To start we thought we'd scoff up the starter versions of the canapés we had on their opening night; Fried Halloumi Sticks with Bill's Chutney and Spicy Lamb and Beef Meatballs with Smoked Chilli Jam. The halloumi was divine... can you really go wrong with a bit of halloumi? Perfectly fried and accompanied by a chutney that really cut through the saltiness of the cheese, which actually made the whole dish really sweet, not even the halloumi tasted salty. The meatballs had caramelised onion flakes on the exterior which added also added a sweetness to the meat which, when dipped in the smoked chilli jam, was very delectable. 

The main course was an easy decision for both of us... STEAK! If you can't do steak right, then there's a problem, and I must say, they did it right.

Being the greedy piggies that we are, we ordered plenty of fresh seasonal greens to accompany the 10oz Dry-Aged Rib Eye Steak and Rosemary Salted Chips. Smoked Tomato Bearnaise sauce topped off the dish, whilst an accompaniment of gravy (I'm weird I know!) gave the dish a hearty taste, and gave me something to dip my chips in! The steak was good well, we both asked for Medium-Rare and it was a strong shade of pink, though could have done with maybe a few seconds less to really get the juices oozing. The chips were very much like a very crispy roast potato in chip form which to me, is the perfect chip to go with steak. The greens were also very well cooked and went great with the rest of the main course. 

Obviously our favourite part - the dessert. I am a HUGE chocolate lover, so the choice for me was easy choosing the Warm Triple Chocolate Brownie which came with milk chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream and a flake - chocolate heaven. Kirsty was a little more picky with her dessert in a bid to keep the carbs down and ended up choosing two scoops of ice cream - clotted cream and salted caramel. I stole a spoonful of the salted caramel and it went perfectly with my brownie, like they were made for each other. The ice creams came with a cute branded waffle wafer. Needless to say, they were demolished pretty quickly.

Overall, the menu has a wide range of choices for meat-lovers and vegetarians alike, all priced very reasonably with the most expensive item on the menu being the £21.95 Rib-eye we both had, the rest are priced a good £9+ cheaper, to suit most budgets.  Though we both stuck to Diet Coke and water on the night, we got to sample a cocktail or two on their opening and we were very impressed with the fruity blends that were on offer, not too strong, not too weak and not to sour - the perfect cocktail. Without hyping this place too much, we genuinely had a great time at both their opening and for our 6 year bloggiversary dinner and will definitely be dining there again in the future. 

They have our certified stamp of approval!

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