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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Payday Wishlist | It's Time to Treat Yo' Self

It's that time again - my favourite time of month! On a certain day, a little chunk of money enters our accounts as a reward for all the hours of our lives we dedicate to work. How that money is spent varies from person to person, from saving it all away for a bigger goal like buying a house or a new car you've been needing for months, to splurging on things you want like a new laptop or designer handbag, or just paying bills and getting the shopping in. Everyone spends money differently, but as it's recently been my birthday and my bonus is coming in this month, I'm torn between 'save it sister!' and 'treat 'yo self!'. To indulge my inner demons, I'm going to try and argue it out...with myself... and show you all the wonderful things you can buy with your payday pay packet. 

While some may choose to treat themselves to expensive items such as a new designer handbag or a trip somewhere off your wishlist, some choose to treat others - mothers, sisters, friends or whoever by buying a perfume set for her, tickets to their favourite show or a little gift for your significant other.  In the spirit of payday here's 5 things you should splash the cash on this month:

Okay, so this one may take a few paydays to afford, but boy is this bag beautiful! In Majesty Blue, it's sure to pop against any outfit.

Price - £1,280

I don't know why I've not bought one of these already to be honest! I've wanted one for ages and it would make baking so much easier, plus it is super super pretty in white. 

Price - £399

My TVs aren't exactly ancient, but they're not super thin, super light ones either. For the new house, we're looking for space saving TV's that can be wall-mounted.. and well, go hard or go home right? May as well get a decent one if we're looking!

Price - £419

4. Clive Christian Perfume

Looking for a perfume that's got a royal seal of approval? This one's been signed off by Queen Victoria who granted them permission to use a likeness of her crown as the bottle cap! Designed specifically to work well with other perfumes in their range that compliment and contrast, it's a little spray of indulgence you need to grant yourself.

Price - £525

Every blogger has one, every blogger needs one. I'm starting to think our Instagram would be 100% better if we had one of these blogger-essentials, but at the moment, we're making do with our iPhones - definitely an investment worth splurging on. 

Price - £399

If you had a little extra cash this payday, what would you spend your dough on?

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