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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Beach Hair Travel Essentials | CoCo LoCo jeT sET

Lee stafford coco loco jet set hairdryer kit

I have developed a habit of taking just hand luggage with me on trips abroad in recent years, even on trips as long as 7 or 8 days. This is coming from a place of sheer cheapskatedness but if I wasted £60 on hold luggage for every trip I wouldn't be able to go away nearly as often as I do. I am hoping to write a cheap travel guide soon but for now I wanted to share my travel hair essentials for the perfect beachy day look as well as a sleek evening 'do.

I was fortunate enough to be sent the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Jet Set Hairdryer Kit to try in time for my trip to Paphos back in April so I've had plenty of time to put it to the test. For reference my hair is pretty wild naturally, very very thick and curly/wavy hair, so it is a pretty worthy opponent for any hairdryer. I spent 7 nights in Paphos, with hand luggage only, so every single item I packed had to earn its' place in my case. This travel hairdryer folds, so it takes up less space and is very lightweight. 

In the interest of total and complete honesty, it is not as powerful as my everyday hairdryer I use at home but it is easily the best travel hairdryer I have ever used. The Jet Set Hairdryer has coconut oil blending into the ceramic grill, meaning that your hair gets a blast of nourishment as you dry. With two heat and two speed settings it can dry my thick mane in next to no time. Its' lightweight size comes in handy here as I had none of the usual arm ache I get after a hair drying session which earned it further points. The Jet Set Hairdryer Kit actually comes with a lovely rose gold case, which I repurposed for make-up to maximise on packing space, as well as a mini shampoo and conditioner to rehydrate hair with coconutty goodness- the bottles are the perfect size for a short break.

The Coco Loco Jet Set Hairdryer has now earned it's place in my hand luggage for future trips and I'll certainly be taking it with me on my trip to Portugal in a couple of weeks. It's now only £20 here, on sale from £29.99 so grab yourself a bargain in time for your summer hol.  

The Lee Stafford Cactus Crush Dazzle Drops not only smell heavenly but are the perfect partner to the Coco Loco hairdryer to help achieve a sleek and glossy hair style. Frizz is a problem for the best of us in a hot and humid climate. This, combined with sea or pool water, can leave my hair looking really grubby and dull, the drops hydrate and soften without weighing my hair down. I apply a few drops to the mid-lengths and ends before blow drying for a dazzling finish. You can find the new Lee Stafford Cactus range here on the Boots website. 

For a more relaxed beachy boho hair vibe, and if you are lazy like me, the Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry is a great alternative to a time-consuming sleek blow dry. It isn't cheap, but a little goes a long, long way which makes the £23 price tag justifiable. It is also available here in Boots, so at least you can accrue some points ;) I spritz it all over my hair when it's damp and scrunch  and scrunch and scrunch. It works really well with my hair's natural tendency to wave and curl and means I only spend 5 minutes rough drying my hair with the Coco Loco Jet Set Hairdryer. 

If you are looking for a more powerful alternative to the travel hairdryer, I would heartily recommend the Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine hairdryer that I wrote about in my Winter Hair Care Routine post last year, it costs £59.99 but it is very powerful.

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