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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Keeping the Brassiness at Bay | Josh Wood Colour Shade Shot

When I clapped my eyes on the Josh Wood Shade Shots at the Boots Beauty Festival I just knew it was meant for me. After taking the plunge and blonding-up my balayage a few months ago I have been plagued with ever-brassy locks. My natural hair colour is medium brown but it does tend to go very auburn and kinda brassy in the sunny months and with the blonde running through I want to avoid the orange tone that so many natural brunettes end up with.

I am not due a top up of my balayage for a few months yet so an at home toner was just what the doctor ordered. The John Wood Colour range is ideal as a stop gap in between professional colourings or even as a toner for bleaching at home. I have an awful lot of hair so I mixed the entire tube of Shade Shot in Keep Me Cool with a generous amount of the John Wood Everything Mask in a little bowl. The Shade Shot comes with a pair of gloves to minimise the mess and after applying the mixture to damp hair section-by-section I quickly rubbed off any excess with a flannel to avoid purple splotches on my face. The packaging recommends leaving the Shade Shot/Everything Mask combo on for 5-10 minutes but I allowed a generous 20 mins before rinsing.

The scent of the Everything Mask really reminded me of a limited edition Philip Kingsley Elasticizer that I have recently run out of, and actually delivers a really similar result. My hair was extremely soft and fluffy, without being frizzy- usually violet hair products will leave my hair feeling really dry or crispy so this was a pleasant surprise. I feel like the purple toned Shade Shot worked really hard to cool down the brassy tones in my hair and the blonde now really pops.

The Shade Shot is just £5 in Boots, and the Everything Mask is £15. I think that this isn't half bad considering the amount a professional salon charges for a toner, and the Everything Mask will definitely go a lot further than one use.


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