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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

I Lost My Fake-Tan Virginity! | Bondi Sands

Fake Tan - something you instinctively associate with the smell of biscuits (not the good kind) and nights out. For me, I spent years and years applying fake tans on my friends before a night out, it became somewhat of a ritual and I must say, it kind of put me off using it myself. It always went streaky when it got wet, it stained all their clothing and smelt horrific for days, so I swore I'd never use it. I've been feeling a little pasty recently from my lack of holidays so when I was approached by Bondi Sands, I decided that it was finally time to pop my tanning cherry and give it a go.. after all, who doesn't love being tanned!

I've not been on a proper tanning holiday since October 2017 so I've been feeling like a pasty white ghost for a longgg time. My friends would probably slap me for saying that, because I am fortunately blessed with mediterranean skin thanks to my VERY distant roots, but for me, I'm the palest I've been since I was a child. I just want that sun-kissed look back, without having to splash out for an expensive holiday. I'm not a stranger to sunbeds, but they too cost money and require constant top ups and well, they're not good for your skin. When you're tanned you just feel so much better about yourself and you automatically feel thinner. I don't know how, you just do! Girls, you know what I'm talking about right?

Winning Best in Beauty in 2016, this Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry Oil (£14.99) was the sensible choice for me as a self-tanning novice. Applying as a spray oil, it is super easy to ensure there's no streaks using the incredibly soft application mitt (£4.99) and actually smells incredible! None of that biscuitty smell you'd think. It develops over a few hours and lasted well over a week. Though I made the rookie mistake of not taking off my socks when applying, so I had awful lines across my ankles.. you live and learn! You don't even need to wash it off after application, which saves heaps of time. 

No marks on my white sheets, in my shower or on my towels as my friends so often complain theirs does and has a sweet smell I really didn't expect. This oil is also infused with Argan Oil and Coconut which not only give it its fragrance, but also means the oil is incredibly hydrating and moisturising. 

After a week, I still looked sun-kissed and my legs were softer than ever. It's safe to say my first experience using a self-tanner has been a positive one and I'll certainly be using it again for a little pick-me-up, seeing I'm not going on holiday this year either *cries*. What was your first experience trying fake tan like?

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