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Sunday, March 03, 2019

Getting Back into Shape in 2019 | Esquared Fitness

How is it March already?! 2019 is slipping through my fingers and my body hasn't quite got the message that it's no longer Christmas, or a time for fattening up for hibernation (I totally wish that humans actually hibernated!). With a friend's wedding and a potential holiday on the cards this year, I think it's about time I got more active and started cutting down on all the junk food I've been scoffing... My banking app legit sent me a message the other week saying if I go to McDonalds one more time this month, it'll start listing it as a monthly bill. HAHAHA Shame on me! 

In this bid to kick-start my metabolism (or what is left of it) ahead of Lent and become happier and healthier this year, I've teamed up with Esquared* to challenge myself to workout during my lunch breaks using their new London based Fitness App.
Working in Shoreditch certainly has its perks, but being surrounded by amazing food stores, in particular at Spitalfields and Box Park, it's really hard not to eat like a pig every day. Working from home sometimes certainly doesn't make it any easier either, with quick access to my fully stocked kitchen and a shop just 2 minutes walk away, its so hard to be strict with myself. 

Standing on the scales for the first time this year, I'm now more determined than ever to shed this winter weight. You'll have seen my previous attempts to lose weight on the blog, but this time I really want to keep it off rather than shed it quickly and slip back into my usual ways. By exercising regularly and following the Slimming World original plan, fingers crossed I can get back into shape before I hit the dreaded 26.

Esquared new fitness app gives you instant access to premium two-hour gym sessions and one-off classes in real-time across London. In Shoreditch alone, there's countless classes and gyms I can access on my lunch break or before/after work.

Not a week has gone by that I've not worked from home at least one day, and it's usually un-planned so I never really know what days I'll be in London. Signing up for any sort of membership anywhere but at the gym local to my home in Bedfordshire is therefore rather pointless. The Esquared fitness app is great, because it allows you to book a gym pass or a class as and when you can make it.  The app is so simple to use as it allows you to filter by booking type (a class, gym access, and which type of fitness activity you would like to do) and by area as well as selecting what day you'd like to book for. You can also filter by gym facilities like creches, wifi, parking, lockers etc, which I think is pretty handy too.


To kickstart my fitness challenge, I started small. Meeting up with the lovely Emily from LondonCityCalling, we headed to ChromaYoga for an invigorating blue light yoga class, filled with dynamic, flowing movements to wake up the body and increase energy. These particular classes are perfectly designed if like me, you find it really hard to get up in the mornings, or suffer from mid-afternoon energy dips. I must say, we really did feel really awake afterwards!

One of the most common colours which affect our daily routines is blue light. When exposed at the right time of day (daytime), blue light can help elevate your mood and boost awareness and productivity. With the constant use of laptops, tablets and smart phones, we are overexposed to blue light, which can result in a decrease in melatonin production, which regulates sleep and disrupts your energy levels. A lack of melatonin in the body can contribute to a range of emotional and physical problems including mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, S.A.D and even cancer.

I've mentioned before how much I suffer from sleepless nights and find it so hard to wake up due to the pills I take for my Chronic Migraines, so thought this would be the perfect class for me. Even better, it was just 5 minutes from my office!

With such a wide variety of options from their partner gyms, you've got the pick of the litter with classes to head to in your free time. If you'd like to sign up, simply download the app from which you can download from the App Store or the Google Play Store for free and get £10 free credit using the code JGURNEY28965 and jump start your own fitness challenge this year... you're welcome! xoxo


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