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Sunday, March 03, 2019

We Tried Hertford's Newest Addition | The Hummingbird Pub

In one of the towns I've had the pleasure to call home, a new gastro pub has popped up that's sure to make a lasting impression on locals and visitors alike. With flavoursome food and an exciting drinks menu,  Hertford's Fore Street is now home to Aspley Pub's The Hummingbird* and I'm so gutted it only popped up after I'd already moved counties! Having attended their launch, and received a personal tour of the venue by the fabulous General Manager Jan Nova, this pub is just what Hertford town centre so desperately needed, and boy, their chilli cheese balls are to. die. for.

The Hummingbird, with its pink and gold (uh YAAAAS) exterior and vibrant interior decor, is the newest addition to Hertford's town centre, where Loch Fyne used to stand. Fully refurbished, expanded and separated into several different areas, the pub offers a cozy area for intimate drinks with friends, a bar and open floor area for a late night boogie (yes, I just said boogie) and a beautifully decorated seating area for brunches, lunches and dinners.

Hidden away upstairs, The Hummingbird also have a private dining area, which is completely free to hire and can seat up to 14 people. They have a cabinet full of booze which is completely open for dinner guests to pour their own and you're only charged for what you use. You'll even get your own personal service staff! The room is perfect for intimate family dinners, brunches with your friends, baby showers, elegant banquets and even business lunches. We even hosted our first HertsBloggers event there in January!

What's most notable about The Hummingbird is as I mentioned before... the CHEESE BALLS! Okay, not the most notable thing, obviously, but they are so god damn tasty we could eat them all day.
When they invited Kirsty and I to sample their menu, we jumped at the chance after becoming obsessed with their delicious launch party canapés.  We met up with my friend Emily who's also a blogger and headed to Hertford to feast on cheese balls galore and steak.

Starting our meal off with some delicious bespoke mocktails as we were all driving and began our feast with you guessed it, Chilli Cheese Balls. Filled with melted cheese and jalapeños and coated in breadcrumbs that are perfectly crisped and served with sweet chilli jam making it a melt in the mouth, spicy ball of heaven. Okay, I promise I'll stop talking about them now! 

Wednesday night is Date and Steak Night. Therefore, Wednesday night is my favourite night of the week! I'm a huge steak girl, it has to be cooked medium-rare (more on the rare side) or it may as well be put in the bin. I've found it quite difficult to find a restaurant that actually cooks my steak how I like it, it ALWAYS comes too well done, but this was perfectly grilled, the chips were the right ratio of fluffy and crispy and it really just melted in the mouth, as a good steak should.

Kirsty's burger was juicy, cheesy and filling, just as a burger should be. The burger is so big though Kirsty had to ask for a box to take it home, so make sure you're super hungry!

As if we weren't full enough already, we couldn't leave without sampling a pudding. This Chocolate Brownie with white chocolate fudge and cherries. If i weren't so full from my starter and main, I would have been able to enjoy this a lot more. It was so rich and delicious and on any other day, I could probably scoff 10 of them!

Overall, the food quality was impeccable, the service was good, even though they were busy and the setting and decor made for a lovely dinner. I'm certainly going to have to take some more trips to visit my family as an excuse to go out for lunch here. I'm super keen to try their brunch options and sample their Sunday lunch, so Hummingbird, you better keep a table ready!

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