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Saturday, December 21, 2019

4 Gift Idea Hacks for Her | Christmas 2019

Shopping for a woman can be quite stressful for some, just ask my husband! – but it absolutely shouldn’t be, and not when there are so many great products and gift ideas out there that every woman is guaranteed to love. Whether it’s your partner, sister, friend or mother, these hacks are set to help you prepare yourself for your Christmas shopping, whether last-minute or otherwise!

1. Take Inspiration from What She Already Has 

The best inspiration comes from simply observing. Yes, lads, that means you actually have to listen! ;) See what she wears, what she uses in her everyday life, how she furnishes the home and what she likes to spend money on – anything which can give you a hint into her habits, wants and needs. This is much easier if the lady in question is your partner and you live with her, so you can see her day today, but if it’s another loved one, take the time out to pay more attention – even if means having a quick scan around when you’re next round at their house. My husband is actually quite good at this, even when I think he’s not listening, he manages to surprise me! 

2. Check Current Stock Levels 

If the woman in question has a certain routine with items she uses – especially beauty items – it might be that she’s running low on her favourite stock. This could be makeup, skincare or perfume, or maybe even kitchen items if she’s a foodie - but definitely not something that you’d benefit from; she’ll see right through it, trust me. Anything which she uses regularly, and which has an expiration date. 

You can then investigate in more detail into the make and model (when she’s not looking, of course) and simply replace the item as a gift. You can buy women's perfume online either to replace her current favourite or go for an entirely new one with similar top or base notes to her current one!

3. Consider Trips Away Rather Than Specific Items

If you’re really struggling to think of anything you can wrap up under the tree, why not think about a trip away? This could be a mini-break for the weekend, a city break abroad or go the whole hog and book a luxury two week holiday - the dream! Best case scenario, you can book the trip for you, too, meaning you can both enjoy this special gift together. For me, I would be over the moon if my husband surprised me with a trip to Disneyland - hint hint.

Maybe she’s always mentioning somewhere she would like to go, or always been hinting about a certain luxury retreat. You can always consider it (budget-allowing, of course!).

4. Ask Her 

It’s always nice to receive a surprise gift which someone has put a lot of thought into, but if you’re seriously struggling, there’s nothing wrong with asking! It may be that she has something in mind she desperately needs but nobody has thought of. She’s probably written a list even!

If you’d rather think of something yourself, you can always buy her the item she mentions and buy a complementary item you have thought of yourself, too. 

She may even simply say ‘Surprise me!’ in which case you might feel a little less pressure to get it right and have a bit more freedom in what you choose. 

Gift-buying shouldn’t be a stressful time – what matters most is the thought, and any woman is going to appreciate that someone thought to buy them a gift, whatever it may be.

p.s. after 9 years of HINTING like crazy, my husband finally listened and bought us a trip to Disneyland! There's hope for him yet!

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