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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Making Sure your New Home is Safe with Y-Cam | Home Security

Having moved into our new home in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire just over a year ago, the first thing on our minds was 'how do we keep our belongings safe now we're not in a block of flats with security windows and doors?'. As it's our first bought home together, we're aiming to fill it with slightly pricier items than our two flats that were floor to ceiling IKEA. There's no more house moves on the cards for a number of years and this is the home that we really want to invest in, now that we're well-settled in our careers with a little bit more money to spend on well-built furniture. With a rather popular dog breed as our little pup and the hope to start a family in the future, security is something that's really important to us, especially when we're in a completely new area away from our friends and family.

With a modern new-build, comes the desire to have modern appliances, and aim for the ultimate 'smart home', where everything can be controlled wirelessly. With that in mind, our search began to find a 'smart' security system and came across Y-Cam who promise to make home security 'Smart, Affordable and Easy'. 

We were kindly sent a starter kit to start us off, which includes the Protect Hub to connect us to the internet, a Motion Sensor, an Access Sensor and keyring remote. Having a 3-storey townhouse makes me a little nervous as we definitely would not hear anything if someone were to break in on the ground floor. That's probably the main reason why we're getting our home protected.

got to keep this little one safe!

The extent ti which you protect your home is completely up to you and you can even choose to pay for a monitoring contract with Y-Cam Protect Plus, which means your hub will work even when your mains and internet are down using mobile connectivity signals, keeping you protected at all times for just £9.99 per month or £99.99 per year... Can you really put a price limit on your safety?

If you just wanted the standard Free Y-Cam Protect service, you can download the app and connect your phone to the Hub so you're always in control of the alarm and can receive alerts when you're out and about - letting you know when the alarm's been set, been activated or if there's been suspicious movement in the house picked up by the Motion Sensor. To protect your home further, you can even add indoor and outdoor cameras, a Solar Outdoor Siren or Dummy Siren, Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors which detect human motion within a 110-degree field of view and as well as add as many access and standard 90-degree FOV Motion Sensors as you see fit. All of which, you can monitor and activate from your mobile device.

Once we're all set up, we'll be adding more sensors to windows around the house, the front and back doors as well as motion sensors in the kitchen, hall and living room where robbers could enter the property and in the future baby room. We will also add an outdoor camera to monitor the front and back doors and, if the signal stretches far enough, the parking bays to monitor our cars. We'd then add an indoor camera to our hallway and baby room for ease of mind. 

The standard Protect Alarm System is just £149.99 and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don't get on with it. The Home bundle includes two remotes, two motion sensors and two access sensors and ist just £204.21, or if you want to save even more by bundling, you can get the Family Bundle which includes 4 remotes, 4 access sensors and 3 motion sensors for £303.91. Then you can build your kit and add as many additional sensors, cameras and sirens as you'd like. The pack also comes with window stickers to show that your home is protected - an addition that we really liked when using it for a few weeks in our flat before we moved out.

Other than the odd occasion when my dog has triggered the alarm (don't ask me how), Y-Cam Protect has been a great addition to my new house, making us feel very safe and secure.

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