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Friday, January 03, 2020

How I'm Set to Earn £300 from Home this Month Without Resorting to Hideous MLM Schemes | Finance

My Statutory Maternity Pay ends this month and I'm pretty anxious at the prospect of eating into my savings before I return to work. I've spent a couple of weeks researching ways I can make some money from home around looking after my baby, without committing to any sort of fixed hours. I have set myself a goal of earning a bit of money from home to ease the pressure on my savings account.

In line with our disclosure policy, I want to give you the heads up that this post is pretty affiliate link heavy. Using my links or codes will not cost you anything. If you have a blog or are active on social media it is definitely worth making a note of your personal referral links for each of these opportunities if you sign up yourselves, because that is additional passive income you can count towards your £10 a day goal.

January is set to be a pretty decent month for me already, I have already been approved for bits and pieces and completed a few crowdsourcing tasks online. I only started on the 1st of January and the work I have done already, plus what I have lined up for the next week is going to bring in £300. I am thrilled with this because it is the equivalent of 2 weeks SMP and I haven't had to leave the house.

My baby is still breastfeeding so these ad hoc tasks are perfect for me and hopefully will lead to more opportunities for me to meet my goal of earning at least £10 per day working from home.


Streetbees have a really easy to use app. The surveys I have filled out so far have been very straightforward and I managed to earn £3 during one feed in the middle of the night. My referral code is 777948.

Swagbucks: lots of these surveys I have been pre-screened out of, but after spending 10 minutes answering inane questions I've managed to rack up enough points for half an amazon gift card :')


You may have heard about a new app called Chip, they have been hard at work using influencers to market the new financial service. I thought it was too similar to Monzo but since having downloaded it, I can see that it might actually help me to save a little smarter this year. They have a kickstart ticket that will give you £10 in your Chip account if you use the code 97N7RQ27. Essentially it monitors your income and spending and determines how much you can genuinely afford to save, and saves it for you. So far it has decided I can save £6.92 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

I'm not sure this totally comes under sign-ups, as it does also involve a fair few surveys but 20cogs seems like very easy money. It is a bit of a faff, and some of the 'deals' are a pain to sign up for but I managed to log £13 in about 15 minutes without shifting from the sofa. 


If you do not already use cashback sites, I wholeheartedly recommend that you do. Quidco is the cashback provider I use most, you can get £10 by following my link and starting to earn cashback. Since I started using it, I have made £362 of cashback throughout a couple of years.

This link can get you a £5 sign up bonus for TopCashBack. Always, always check on these two sites before you make a purchase online because you could be saving yourself some serious money. 


From what I have read, it seems this work can be really lucrative, especially if you are lucky enough to be accepted onto some long term ongoing projects that give you regular little jobs. I have signed up for a few and I am waiting for my applications to be considered/ projects requests to be accepted. The work mainly seems to be search engine evaluation, transcription, voice recording or social media post moderation- so nothing too intellectually challenging.  

iSoftstone has an audio task this weekend that will earn you $40, you can apply here  (not even an affiliate link  👼 ) I'm hoping to find more tasks like this moving forward.

Most of this work requires you to be a native English speaker, but it does seem there are other opportunities if you speak different languages too. 

Market Research

I've dabbled with market research tasks before, and it's a pretty easy way to make a bit of extra money from home. You typically have to talk about yourself and your buying habits, which I find deliriously easy to do. 

Respondent has some very well-paid tasks available and this will probably provide the lion's share of my extra income this month if I don't make it onto other crowdsourcing projects. I've seen a few that are paying $180 for an hour conference call  👀

Angelfish have some interesting current projects, including a pretty straightforward one relating to alcohol consumption that pays a £65 gift card. If you sign up, please say that I referred you. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing what my January figure ends up at, I have really put minimal effort in, even if I count the time I spent registering for these sites I am on track to make £300 for what will be no more than 5-6 hours work. Please do let me know if you have any tips or recommendations that will help me stay on track for my goal to earn £10 a day online! I will post at the end of the month confirming my earnings, and hopefully, I will be able to include some more Crowdsourcing opportunities. 

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