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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Starting the New Year Off Right | Ad

How are we 3 weeks into January already?! On one hand, I'm SO SO glad, because December's pay has been s t r e t c h e d to its absolute limit so I am counting down the days until payday, but on the other, I do feel like Christmas was absolutely ages ago, how can it not be February yet! I feel like I've really hit the ground running this year though with my new love for the gym, focus on myself and all-round self-love mission I've put myself on for 2020. This week, I'm feeling the best I've felt in a long time (minus the cold/flu that's creeping up on me... thanks work colleague...) and I'm actually so excited for the year ahead and the events and trips and weddings I get to go to throughout the year. This is all down, as you know, to my 4-week SlimBiome trial. So here's my week 3 check-in.

You'll have read my Week 1 and Week 2 updates on my 4-week Holland and Barrett SlimBiome + Thermo trial (if not, give them a read) where I've spoken about my struggles with mental health over the years surrounding my size and weight, as well as my desire to make some big changes this year. For me, as I must have said a million times - mostly to myself - these past few weeks, this year, I'm not getting hung up on numbers, or even giving a shit about them. This year, I'm working on myself. Building myself up, concentrating on my mental health and being the best me I can be. But that is going to take a lot of work, so I know I needed a bit of a kick into gear to get myself into some healthy routines, healthy mindsets and healthy habits to start my year off, to then stick to for the rest of the year.

I can now finally announce.. they are now ON SALE!

In the past, I've always loved getting into the routine of going to the gym. I've never felt better about myself than when I was squatting 110kg (yep, that's my PB), deadlifting, doing HIIT training and loving the buzz I got from a heavy workout. After a whiplash injury, followed by an Achilles injury that took me out of the gym for over a year, my weight gain in that time really got to me and I was hitting some real lows with my self-esteem, self-worth and just generally felt shit. I longed to get back to the gym and feel that buzz again, to get those sore muscles the next day that tells you how well you did and the general overall health you feel when you become a 'gym bunny'. 
I'm so happy to be back at the gym
My third week of SlimBiome... I went HARDDDD at the gym. To the point where I'm concerned about how I'm going to actually walk tomorrow! I've actually gone to the gym 5 times this week, with two days in a row doing legs (a killer) and the third day in a row doing cardio. I am dead. I never would have even considered going that many times, or had the energy to before taking these sachets. The boost in energy is so noticeable. My usual 3 Diet Cokes a day habit has been utterly kicked to the curb too - I only really drink them at work now, and it's only 1 per day when I'm in the office, alongside about triple the water I used to drink. I'm sure my doctor and dentist will be most thrilled with that news! 

I'm a bit of a sucker for Turkish food!
Although I do still have my yawning and tiredness towards the end of the day, I have noticed that it's only the days where I've gone to the gym before that I'm tired the next day, so I'm thinking I need to start taking some protein shakes and other recovery nutrients after a workout so I'm not so sluggish (and sore!) the next day. Otherwise, I'm alert, I'm on the ball, I'm finding myself wanting to get out the house more and do things that require effort. This weekend, I built my friend a breakfast bar!

Food-wise, this week has been a little healthier still than last week. We'd purposely gone for some more healthier food options and tried as much as we could to stick to a food plan, but with my husband travelling for work and being home at different times and fitting in the gym, I have gone for take-out food or chosen not to eat a proper meal a couple of times. 

Attempting to stay healthy with low fat, low carb fajita.
Food Diary:

Monday - Banana for breakfast, chicken shish + rice box (takeaway) for lunch, gym after work then chicken fajitas for dinner. 
Tuesday: Skipped breakfast as I had meetings, falafel, halloumi + rice box (takeaway) for lunch, gym after work, then a protein shake for dinner - was still full from a huge lunch
Wednesday: working from home, so Apple for breakfast as woke up late, spinach and ricotta tortellini with grated cheese for lunch,  stayed up late working, so just had jelly and chocolate for a late-night snack.
Thursday: Banana and Apple for breakfast, Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini with grated cheese for lunch and chicken, sweet potato and broccoli for dinner.
Friday: chocolate croissant for breakfast, chicken, sweet potato and broccoli for lunch, gym after work and cream cheese and crackers for dinner.
Saturday: my favourite - eggs, bacon and croissant for breakfast, gym at lunchtime, had a few biscuits whilst I was building my friend's breakfast bar, then Nandos chicken pita with chips for dinner.
Sunday: another morning of eggs, bacon and croissants for breakfast, long dog walk and gym at midday, cheese and coleslaw roll for lunch and carbonara for dinner.

Despite this, I have managed to lose another 3lbs, which brings my total up to half a stone lost since Boxing Day. Measurement-wise, that's 4.5cm off my hips, 3cm off my chest and thighs and 2.5cm off my waist. Visibly (where it counts) I have my waist back, I'm fitting in jeans a size down from what I was wearing before and I'm walking strutting with my head held up high.
I must say, taking my 63rd sachet this evening, I'm actually still not bored of the taste or routine of taking it before a meal. It's become such a habit that I think I'll need to buy some more once this trial has finished, so I can ease myself away from it. Or I might just continue for another month and see how much better I'll feel then.

I can't believe how far I've come in such a short amount of time. Weight-loss aside, the other benefits of taking the SlimBiome sachets has been an absolute life-changer. It's really been the kick-up the back-side as well as the helping hand I needed to set me on a good path this year and hopefully achieve my goal of becoming fit and healthy so I can finally start trying for a family. 

N.B. If you're not planning on doing any exercise or changing your eating habits, I don't think this would be for you. The product relies on you also helping yourself and does not promise any results without the addition of these added health and fitness changes alongside taking them. They do not promise miracles and more of an aid to help you with your weight loss goals, not achieve them for you.

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