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Sunday, January 26, 2020

I Need a Whole New Wardrobe.. and Some More Gym Gear!

How has it been a month since Christmas already?! 4 weeks have passed and it's been a complete contrast from the first month of 2019 for me. 2020 has well and truly been kicked off to a great start and habits have been created that I hope will stick with me for the rest of the year. 

I've written before of my big plans for 2020, with a few holidays/trips to go on and weddings to attend in the calendar that I wasn't really looking forward to... until now.. and some other plans that required me to be in good shape and healthy, both physically and mentally for this year. I've been determined to achieve this, so with the help of Holland and Barrett's newest product SlimBiome, I'm well on my way to being a happier, healthier me, ready to take on the world.

My first week and second week of my 4-week trial saw some great results and my third week taking me up an amazing 8lb loss. This, being my 4-week check-in/ trial summary, I'm here to tell you that SlimBiome really does give you that extra bit of help. My total weight-loss stopped at 8lbs last week, due to the heavy weights sessions I've been doing at the gym this week and I've not really eaten the healthiest food this week due to not doing a food shop. But my measurements speak for themselves in terms of physical visual results that I can show you. 
I've lost 6.5lbs off my hips (the widest part of me) and 4.5lbs off my thighs, meaning I can fit into a pair of jeans a size smaller. 5cm have gone from my waist and 4.5cm have gone from my chest, meaning my waist and semi-flat stomach has made a comeback. I've found myself tieing up t-shirts at the waist to show off these results and trying on my old (smaller) clothes to see what now fit me. To my surprise, most of it could now fit, but not all of it I feel comfortable enough in yet, so back in the wardrobe they go for another couple of weeks... I can't wait to get my summer stuff out!
I've got a bit of an obsession with Jamaican food at the moment
4 weeks worth of sachet shots to drink before mealtimes has been so easy to maintain and the filling effects of the fibre has been an absolute godsend to my otherwise 'always hungry' attitude to food. I now only really eat when I need to, rather than snacking on everything in sight, I find myself eating a lot less at mealtimes and have turned down meals a few times as I've simply not been hungry. I can actually tell the difference between full and hungry now and can differentiate between hunger and thirst - which is a hard one! I've been drinking more water, being less reliant on caffeine due to the caffeine within the sachet has kicked my Diet Coke addiction and I'm waking up easier in the mornings so my husband doesn't get super annoyed at me sleeping through 5 alarms!
my husband makes me breakfast in bed - so cute!

My meals for the week:

Monday:  croissant and banana for breakfast, spaghetti carbonara for lunch and half a pepperoni pizza and dough balls for dinner.
Tuesday: banana for breakfast, egg & cress sandwich and hula hoops for lunch, then Beef and broccoli stirfry with rice for dinner.
Wednesday: (GYM day) no breakfast, beef and broccoli with rice for lunch and dinner)
Thursday: no breakfast, Thai green curry and rice for lunch, half a four cheese pizza for dinner.
Friday: (GYM day) Croissant for breakfast, Nandos chicken pita and halloumi for lunch, Jamaican curried goat, rice, plantain and coleslaw for dinner.
Saturday: (GYM day) Eggs, bacon and croissants for breakfast, banana for lunch and leftover Jamaican curried goat for dinner.
Sunday: (GYM day) Eggs, bacon and croissant for breakfast, banana and dairy-free brownies for lunch (wasn't that hungry), pasta and meatballs for dinner, with a cookie for dessert.

Next week, I'm planning to eat a bit healthier and do a proper food shop to aid that. 

I feel great, I look great.

Overall, I'm so happy with the results, both visually and with my self-esteem. I feel sexy again and can't wait to see what other clothes I can buy to match my new found confidence. I feel like my existing wardrobe is full of frumpy tops, jumpers that hide my shape and ill-fitting jeans.... though my husband would strongly disagree, I think it's time for a shopping trip!!


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