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When did you start blogging?

We originally started writing a blog called BerryLuxe back in 2011, but agreed it needed a revamp and started blogging under the Beauty Is Perfection name in August 2012. In June 2015 we 'rebranded' completely and the blog is now called Soeurs de Luxe. Take a look at our post on Joint Blogging!

What sort of things do you blog about? 

Anything and Everything to do with Beauty, Fashion, Life and travel! If we buy something; we'll blog about it, if we love something we'll blog about if we hate something...you get the idea.
We try and blog about a large range of products; from cosmetics to toiletries, and from fashion to food. Anything we are passionate about! We do a few How To posts now and again as well and do quite a few product reviews. If you have any suggestions or requests, we'd love to hear them!

How old are you?

Kirsty is 28 (20/7) and Jasmine is 26 (20/4)

Where do you live?

We are from London originally but moved to Hertfordshire with our parents back in 2006. Kirsty lives in a small town in Hertfordshire with her husband and son, and Jasmine lives in Bedfordshire with her fur baby and husband.

What did you study at University?

Kirsty studied Archaeology at York University for her first year, and completed her final two years studying History at Queen Mary in London and graduated in 2016. She is now studying her Masters degree in Global Diplomacy at SOAS University of London. Jasmine studied Film and Television Production at York University for two years and completed her final year doing Journalism, Film and Television at London Metropolitan University and graduated in 2014.

What camera do you use?

Kirsty can never be bothered to charge her DSLR and relies mainly on her iPhone 11 ProMax. Jasmine uses a Samsung NX3000 Compact System Camera.

Do you make videos on YouTube? 

Yes and no. After a brief foray into the world of Youtube our motivation petered out. We may start again someday, who knows.

Do you accept samples for review, sponsored posts or advertisements?
Sure do! Take a look at our Media Pack, PR/Disclosure Policy and Advertisement pages for more info.

Any other questions for us? Ask in the comments or drop us an email.

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