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Sunday, August 19, 2012


I love wearing a watch, especially watches that are coloured or interesting instead of just a classic black leather strap. It can be difficult to match my outfit with my watch sometimes so its always good to own a classic watch too! The most important things for me when choosing a watch are comfort, size and then function. If the strap is not comfy I’m never going to wear it so theres no point purchasing it in the first place. I prefer medium sized watches, not small and unnoticeable or large and in your face. If its too big it will detract from any other jewellery you are wearing. Personally I would only wear a statement watch if it was going to be the only thing on my wrist that day and I had no other accessories. I like watches with a date as well as time but its not vital. I cannot stand watches that are too loud- one of my pet hates!
I like analog watches but I have seen some very cute digital ones recently.
my favourites this past year have been the Swatch Elegantly Framed from the Core Collection Fall/Winter 2010 and the Ice Watch Ice Winter in Mist Grey, unisex size.
images courtesy of Swatch.com and icewatch.com

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