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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Perfect Mojito

I'm a huge mojito fan, but I don't want to encourage binge or underage drinking in any way. This recipe works just as well alcohol free and is probably a great deal better for you.
This will be enough for a couple of cocktails:

You'll need a few sprigs of fresh mint. Using syrup just isn't the same.
2 limes, quartered.
A few teaspoons of pure cane sugar (white will not work)
Sparkling lemonade or sparkling water- it depends how sweet you like them.
3 shots of White or brown rum depending on your preference.
Crushed ice.

Squish the lime together with the sugar until the juice is all out.
Add the rum. Divide into individual glasses and add ice until the glass is 60% full. Top off with lemonade/water.
Make sure you mix as you drink to stop the sugar from settling and enjoy!

Xo Kirsty
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