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Sunday, August 19, 2012

WE LOVE: Mulberry

I am actually addicted to Mulberry. To the extent that I would rather be hungry for a month so I can buy something. I’ve had my eye on the strawberry keyring and a pouch for a while (I browse the website probably daily).
Photos courtesy of www.mulberry.com
Sadly my nearest store is in Paris - which really isn’t near at all or even in the same country as me- which normally means that I have to wait until my next trip to the UK or I must order online. Luckily once I'm at uni there is a Mulberry shop in York; to which I will become a regular. I hate buying things online that I’ve not had before, I like to feel things and try them before I buy them, plus I have to pay import tax on practically everything which is ridiculous. I was really excited when I found the two items I wanted in my nearest Bongenie. They worked out a little bit more expensive than the online prices but it was worth it to have them immediately.

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