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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Facial Peel

This was another of my cheeky purchases from Boots. Before buying this I hadn't tried many Soap & Glory skincare products and I was quite impressed by this one. 
It smells very similar to a facial scrub I had a couple of years ago from S&G, quite medicinal and minty.  I have used it a fair few times now, and I only need a teensy bit to cover my face. I think it was about 8.00 in Boots, although it may have been cheaper. 

It's a scrub designed for greasy, spot-prone skin, which (sadly) mine very much is. It can be used as a normal scrub or, if left on for a 15 mins, an intense mask. Soap & Glory say to use this 2-3 times weekly, but I think that's overkill. Exfoliating and removing the natural oils from your face can actually lead to over-production, making the problem worse. Tops, I recommend using this once a week. 
what's your favourite face scrub?
xo Kirsty



  1. I've used a couple Soap & Glory products like their Hand Food and Clean on Me shower gel, and I have loved both of them! Glad to hear their face scrubs are good too!

    1. hand food is a handbag staple for me! I love soap and glory products in general, they all smell good and have such a decadent feel! I am yet to try any of the make up though so that should be interesting :)

  2. I like the sound of this. I'm going to pick one up soon as my current scrub is running out. I'm using the lush ocean salt I think it's called. M x

    1. I've never tried a face scrub from Lush! This s&g one is pretty good :)


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