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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Philosophy REAL Cinnamon Buns

Ever since I bought the Philosophy Bath and Shower Gel in Cinnamon Buns I have wanted to try out the recipe on the bottle. I finally have an oven so I gave them a crack. I've not actually made dough without my mothers supervision ever so I wasn't expecting them to turn out perfectly. 

The recipe didn't actually include any filling or icing so I sort of made that part up. Otherwise I would have been left with cinnamon bread, and that's not exciting. 

making the dough took FORever, I still didn't give it enough time for the yeast to work its' magic so they didn't turn out fluffy sadly. I actually used 2 sachets of yeast because the dough didn't do anything after 2 hours with just one. I also added a bit more flour because it was too runny and sticky to work with. 

The steps that are not described on the bottle are pretty easy. It's just a matter of spreading the filling on (an extremely healthy mixture of butter and brown sugar, flavoured with cinnamon) and then rolling it up. I then just sliced it up and wapped it in the pan. 

They took longer than 18 minutes to cook nicely, more about 30ish. 

They are delicious although probably about 1000 calories per bun. 

have you made these?
xo Kirsty



  1. omg yum I love anything cinnamon! xxx


    1. I can't decide which smelled better, the real thing or the shower gel! Xo


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