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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

I have avoided celebrity perfumes since I was about 16, which is the last time I owned this perfume. Usually I am a one-perfume-for-life kinda gal but I am prepared to make exceptions. My all time favourite perfume is Chanel coco mademoiselle which is pricey and as a student I don't think Ill be able to replace my current bottle when I run out so I'm investigating cheap alternatives. I bought this for 20.99 from fragrance direct, which is 50% of the usual price. 

I bought the 100ml EDP bottle because I tend to go through perfume pretty quickly. This was my favourite perfume when I was younger, probably because I thought it was really sophisticated haha. It is not a subtle scent but it's feminine without being sickly and floral.

have you used this perfume? what do you think of it? 
xoxo Kirsty



  1. Never smelt this before, I do have another SJP perfume though and I really like it :) x

  2. It's lovely, worth checking out next time you're in a perfume store, I havn't tried any other SJP perfumes though! Xo


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