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Thursday, April 04, 2013

March Wishlist

Hi girlies! these are the things i'm besotted with this month, roll on payday!

I've had my eye on this navy maxi dress from New Look for a while but I refused to buy it when it was still -5. Now it's warming up a bit I feel justified in purchasing it.

I don't like fussy sandals so these Topshop babies are perfect for the summer.

Since buying a UV lamp, I've been a bit obsessed with gel nails, and as OPI is one of my favourite nail polish brands I'm keen to try this out in 'I Theodora you' .

This bag is in the window of my local Topshop and I'm tired of staring at it wistfully. It's real suede which means I won't be breaking my -no poor quality bags,even if they are gorgeous- rule. Plus it's £50.00 which isn't that bad for Topshop.

I love lipsticks but my collection is modest because I don't wear them all that often. The packaging on this YSL is too beautiful to resist and soft beige seems to be the perfect colour. I've read so many glowing reviews so at least I'm not just being whimsical.

What are you lusting after this Spring?
Xoxo Kirsty



  1. Love every single one of your choices! Specially that dress and the YSL lipstick. I'm a hosting a giveaway on my blog btw!



  2. nice wishlist! i love that lipstick <3

    I'm following from the #bbloggers blog hop


  3. I finally bought the dress, lipstick and sandals :) I think I might have to do some overtime at work before I can buy the rest! Xx


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