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Friday, May 17, 2013

Sleek Brow Kit

Hi Girlies,

I'm sure you know how important brows are for lifting and shaping your face, they are definitely a major part of my daily routine and I would happily leave the house with only my eyebrows done.

I usually just use a dark eyeshadow and fill them in with a brush and I used to use a brow gel but I found it flaked and looked super gross so gave up on that. I have wanted the Sleek Brow kit for quite a while now but my local Superdrug never seemed to have them in stock. I finally got hold of the kit in Dark 818 and I love it. It contains a pigmented wax to define brows, mini tweezers to shape them and a powder to set the wax. The colour matches my brows perfectly and the kit comes with two tiny brushes which would be perfect for travel. 
What do you do with your brows? 

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