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Friday, October 03, 2014

Chanel Rouge Allure Rouge Noir

Chanel Rouge Allure Rouge Noir

Chanel Rouge Allure Rouge Noir

I was looking for a very dark vampy red/purple and Chanel Rouge Allure in Rouge Noir was recommended to me. I love love love my other Rouge Allure Lipstick I was eager to have an excuse to buy another shade. I think they were reformulated in the few years in between purchases and they certainly feel very different in texture. 
It's not quite as dark as I wanted, and it could do with being a little more opaque. It is a lovely shade and is very buildable though. It doesn't long very long on my lips, it sort of fades in the middle but fortunately doesn't run or bleed, even without a lip liner. 
Chanel Rouge Allure Rouge Noir
It's perfect for this time of year and can be bought from Debenhams here.
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