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Thursday, September 19, 2013

30 Tips to Show-Stopping MakeUp : Tip 1 - Long Lashes Without Inserts

post signature for the next 30 days I will be giving you daily tips and tricks on show-stopping makeup! For the first post I have come across a common complaint amongst women; short eyelashes. Many girls cake on mascara in the hope that their lashes look fuller, thicker and longer the more mascara that's applied... WRONG! Please don't do this, it makes your lashes look like thick spiders legs! Yuck! 
Here's a little tip to get those lashes looking naturally long, thick and full!

For beautiful long lashes.. using eyelash curlers, curl your lashes in 2 sections; once at the base and again half way up the length. 

Apply a coat of mascara to the tips of the lashes and let them dry.

Sweep another full length coat on top. 

For an even more striking look, allow to dry once more, then apply once again coat the lashes in mascara, concentrating on the base of the lash.

-       NEVER pump your mascara – always twist – this allows more mascara to collect on the brush head and will dry out a lot slower.

-       Heated curlers create much longer lasting results though may make lashes brittle if used too often.
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