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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NOTD: Neutral Chevron

post signature I bought a new nail polish a couple of days ago which finally allowed me to do a bit of nail art. I only took 5 polishes with me from the UK and none of them go together nicely which has been pretty frustrating as I like nothing better than spending a few hours in front of a film faffing about with my nails.

The Tools

For this I used the OPI Natural Nail Base Coat to prevent staining and strengthen my nails. I followed this with Rimmel Salon Pro 397 Beige Babe which I found in a supermarket for only €1.30, for some reason all of the Rimmel products were heavily discounted.

It was after 2 coats of colour that I realised I had a really complementary colour with me, Models Own Pro in Clay Away. The clever thing to do would have been to remove the polish from one nail but instead I applied a WetnWild Chevron French Manicure template and painted over it. I thought that it would be a bit OTT if I did every nail so I just went for the ring finger.
When using templates its best to wait until the initial polish is bone dry because its likely you'll rip off the polish underneath when you remove them otherwise. I cut some tiny pieces from some silver striping tape and placed them along the colour border.

Using Bourjois 1seconde gloss I painted on a top coat to seal the striping tape and make my nails super shiny.

*tip* You don't need special templates for cute effects, you can use scotch tape too. I bought my striping tape very cheaply on eBay-There are loads of different colours and effects available.

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  1. Your nails look lovely and it's the prefect colour and design for autumn xx

    1. Thanks :) It makes a nice change not to be using pinks and corals!
      xo Kirsty


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